Are you looking for the best Havanese companion for your family? Look no further, we have compiled a list of the best Havanese breeders in Florida. All these breeders are dedicated Havanese breeders committed to producing healthy, happy, and well-socialized pups. Whether you are a dog owner, or looking to own one for the first time, these breeders can provide you with the best four-legged family member. We know finding the right breeder is a very crucial step towards a lovely furry friend. All the below breeders are known for their ethical practices, exceptional care for their Havanese, and quality of their puppies.

Fortunately, Florida is the home of many reputable Havanese breeders. These breeders are not only known for their commitment but also for their genuine love and care for their lovely Havanese puppies. The below breeders surely make your journey of finding a perfect furry friend very enjoyable. Let’s move to the list of the best Havanese breeders in Florida.

1. Canyon Hills Havanese

Canyon Hills Havanese are one of the oldest breeders of the Havanese in Florida. All their Havanese are at their home as they breed for quality, not for quantity. They health-tested all their dogs for genetic problems before breeding. They sell their puppies in Florida, Sarasota, Naples, Tampa, Orlando, and all cities in Florida. You can get a good Havanese puppy from them with the best health and socialization. You are also welcome to come and visit their pups. Their puppies are known for their deep dark chocolate color. They try their best to provide the healthiest pups to their families. Visit their website to get more information about their lovely Havanese dogs.

Visit: Canyon Hills Havanese

2. Forever Poodle and Honor Havanese

Forever Poodle and Honor Havanese are in the Sunshine State of Florida. They have a great selection of Havanese and Poodle puppies for the families. Their adorable, spunky, and playful cuddle Havanese would be a great addition to any family. They provide an environment for their puppies where they can socialize with one another and with the people. Their dogs can adapt to their new homes very easily. In fact, they are also used to traveling in cars, and up to date on shots. You will get an extensive health-tested puppy from them, backed by their lifetime guarantee. So, what more you are asking for while looking for a family dog? Visit their website for more information.

Visit: Forever Poodles & Honor Havanese

3. Royal Flush Havanese

Royal Flush Havanese are reputable breeders in Rhode Island and Florida. The happy, hearty, and healthy Havanese puppies are their pride that are born and raised into their hands. Their perfectly designed state-of-the-art and amazing environment offer great opportunity for puppies to excel. Their Havanese puppies have proven to be healthy for generations. They are excellent with children of all ages and extremely hypoallergenic and non-shedding. Their Havanese puppies are very socialized and make friends fast with other pets. Visit their website to check out their puppies and fill out the application form.

Visit: Royal Flush Havanese

4. Island Havanese

Island Havanese have beautiful males and females Havanese puppies in different colors for loving families on the beautiful Islands in South Florida. All their puppies are raised with care to perfectly adjust to any family and home situation. Their puppies go to their homes after their first vet visit and shots, health exams, etc. Their Havanese parents have wonderful temperament as their family is always with their dogs and puppies. All their puppies began potty training and were ready to go home very well. Visit their website to check out their available Havanese puppies.

Visit: Island Havanese

5. Coco Cabana Havanese

Coco Cabana Havanese specializes in healthy Champion pedigreed Havanese puppies. They have been breeding cute Havanese puppies since 2001. Their main purpose is to breed healthy, and quality Havanese puppies for the families. They have an impeccable reputation and stand behind each of their dogs. They health test each of their parent’s health and do CERF exams yearly to ensure the best health of their litter. In fact, you will get a two-year health guarantee from them as they are very serious about their puppies. All their dogs are family pets and are raised with their family at home. If you are looking for a sound, healthy, and beautiful Havanese puppy, Coco Cabana Havanese will be the best choice.

Visit: Coco Cabana Havanese

6. Carneys Havanese Haven

Carneys Havanese Haven are purebred Havanese puppies in Michigan and Florida. Their mission is to provide families with healthy, and happy Havanese dogs. All their dogs live and sleep with them at their home. The large outdoor enclosure of Carneys Havanese Haven provides plenty of space for their Havanese to run, roll, and breathe. Their Havanese puppies come from health-tested parents. They ensure that their puppies stay happy and healthy as they are cautious about each of their puppies. Visit their website to check out their Havanese and adult Havanese.

Visit: Carneys Havanese Haven

7. Heartland Havanese

Heartland Havanese is a breeder of purebred Havanese puppies in Iowa and Florida. Kevin and Sandy McCabe are the owners of this breeding program. They live in Iowa during spring and summer and in Florida during Fall and Winter. These purebred Havanese breeders are registered by the Havanese Club of America and won many awards. They have a variety of quality dogs available in different sizes, colors, coat types, and genders. They take care of their furry companions and provide them with everything to enhance their health and productivity. Moreover, they also provide you with a two-year health warranty.

Visit: Heartland Havanese


Bringing a perfect Havanese companion home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It becomes more enjoyable when you are guided by the expert’s opinion as you don’t need to search for quality breeders. So, in this article, we introduce you to the best breeders who prioritize the health, happiness, and well-being of their dogs. All these things ensure that a lovely Havanese companion for your family. We know choosing the right breeder is a significant step in bringing a lovely four-leg companion. Let us know if you also know about any quality Havanese breeder in Florida that we missed in our best Havanese breeders in Florida list. 

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