Goldendoodles are one of the exceptionally popular choices when it comes to finding the perfect furry addition to your family. These are known for their friendly disposition, intelligence, and hypoallergenic qualities. In fact, these cute designer dogs won the hearts of many Floridians. However, it’s very important to choose the responsible breeder to get an ideal Goldendoodle companion for your family. Fortunately, Florida is a home of many reputable and responsible breeders who are producing healthy, well-socialized, and loving Goldendoodle puppies.

In this article, we listed the best Goldendoodle breeders in Florida, which makes it easier for you to find your best friend. All the below Goldendoodle breeders are dedicated to their breeds and known for their exceptional care and ethical breeding practices. We ensure that your new companion comes from a responsible and loving breeder. Let’s move to the list of the best Goldendoodle breeders in Florida.

1. Country Mini Doodle

Country Mini Doodle specializes in Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Florida. They are USDA licensed Class A breeder of mini Goldendoodle puppies. Their main purpose is to provide quality loving pets to the families. They have been in the business since 2005 and have a wide array of colors and coat types. Mini Goldendoodle puppies are their specialty that grow up to have great temperament and are very trainable with minimal shedding. All their moms and dads live with them at their farm in Summerfield Florida. They devote all their time to the care and happiness of their puppies and parents. In addition, they ensure the health of their parents and puppies to provide the best possible to the families.

Visit: Country Mini Doodle

2. Cosmopolitan Goldendoodle

Cosmopolitan Goldendoodle is a boutique home-based breeder of healthy and loving Goldendoodle. Their dogs come from healthy, time-tested lines with many champions in their pedigrees. They are accredited Blue Ribbon breeders with the Golden Doodle Association due to their highest ethical standards and certified health testing of their breeding dogs. They are not puppy mills or a factory breeder and only breed a few selected litters at their home. Visit their website to check out their available puppies and training program.

Visit: Cosmopolitan Goldendoodle

3. Grateful Doodle

Grateful Doodle is well-known for its wonderful Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Jacksonville Florida. They hand-raise their puppies at their home with an amazing health guarantee, which also covers life-threatening genetic disorders. In fact, the families that keep their puppy on Paw Tree Dog food will even get a 3-year extension with their guarantee. They believe that it’s their responsibility to sell healthy puppies and it's their owner's responsibility to keep them healthy throughout their life. Their Goldendoodle puppy prices vary from $2000 to $2800. You can visit their website for more information about their Goldendoodle puppies.

Visit: Grateful Doodle

4. Smart Doodle Puppies

Smart Doodle Puppies raise healthy puppies that are well-conditioned and compatible with their families. Their puppies are raised at their home with love and proper care. They provide you with all the information about their puppies and ensure that the puppy works with your family. Each puppy undergoes a breeder temperament test, which helps to guide you to the best puppy for you. They provide a two-year health guarantee and love to answer all your questions. All their puppies are already curious and playful with some good manners and are well-socialized. You can reserve a spot on their list with a $500 non-refundable deposit. Visit their website to check out their available puppies and the application process.

Visit: Smart Doodle Puppies

5. Paws of Love

Paws of Love breeds exceptional Goldendoodle puppies for families. Their dogs are very beautiful, friendly, and healthy. All their dogs are raised in their private home with special care and attention. Their wonderful and playful personalities are very attractive to dog lovers. Their early socialization and training make with excellent companions with children of all ages. These private breeders’ mission is to share wonderful dogs with loving homes. In fact, their dogs are easy to train, making them excellent service dogs. Their puppies vary in size, color, and coat depending on generation and classification. Visit their website to check out their puppies and adoption process.

Visit: Paws of Love

6. D’Shalom Goldendoodles

D’Shalom Goldendoodles have been making memories since 2010 in central Florida. Goldendoodles are their love and passion. They continue to grow the Goldendoodles not only as breeders but also as pet lovers. Their priority is to provide families with adorable, healthy, and smart Goldendoodle puppies. They also offer the best customer service and give unique attention to each of their customers. You have to choose a preferred puppy from their list and make a deposit to reserve your puppy. Visit their website to learn more about their puppies and adoption process.

Visit: D’Shalom Goldendoodles

7. Moss Creek Goldendoodles

Moss Creek Goldendoodles is a premium home breeder of English Goldendoodle puppies located in Sunny Central Florida. They are committed to the development and improvement of the English Goldendoodle dog breed. They specialize in producing healthy companions with wonderful temperaments. You can get an English Goldendoodle as well as an American Goldendoodle from them in F1, F1B, F2B and F3 Generations. They carefully selected their parents to ensure the highest quality champion lines. Their parents are health tested and certified clear before they are bred. Visit their website to check out their available puppies and adoption process.

Visit: Moss Creek Goldendoodles

8. Goldendoodles By Aggie

Goldendoodles by Aggie is a family-owned and operated Goldendoodles breeding program operated in Kissimmee, Florida. Currently, they are offering Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Aussiedoodles, and Irisdoodles. They started their breeding program in 2009 with their oldest Goldendoodle. Their Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent, affectionate, and easy to train which proves great family pets. All their puppies arrive home with a valid health certificate and one-year health guarantee, shots and deworming records, fleas, and heartworm protection for 15 days. Visit their website to check out their puppies and adoption process.

Visit: Goldendoodles By Aggie


In this article, we listed the best Goldendoodle breeders in the beautiful state of Florida. We thoroughly study the insights of the best dog breeders in Florida to come up with a list of the best Goldendoodle breeders who really care about the well-being of their Goldendoodles. All the above Goldendoodle breeders are known for their love, care, and commitment. Their Goldendoodles love to create memories with you whether you are on the beach, in the park, or at home. Their dedication and care ensure the best companion for the families. 

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