In the last few years, the human society of the United States reported on the problem with puppy mills. This is due to the inclusion of many dealers and transporters in the dog breeding business. This is very horrible for the people that are looking for quality puppies for their families. In this article, we have tried to list the bad dog breeders in the United States. It’s a list of dog breeders you should avoid while finding a breeder for your family puppy.

The below list is compiled by the Human Society using the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state inspection reports. Even some of the below breeders have been cited multiple times. The below types of puppy mills sell their puppies to pet stores across the country. This is not only bad for families, but dogs are also at more risk than ever. Let’s see the bad dog breeders list in the United States.

1. Larry Albrecht of Coldwater Kennel in Greene

This kennel received an official warning from the USDA in November 2021. Even this kennel is also cited for additional issues in March 2022. According to federal reports, they have around 240 dogs and sell to different online platforms. Many of their dogs have dental issues and gum problems. Most of their puppies are passing through the dangerous flooring, which is potentially a hazard for small dogs.

2. Carolyn Anderson of Anderson’s Yorkies in Mason City

Did you like to get a puppy from a breeder who was cited for 34 USDA violations in less than one year? Obviously, you don’t want. So, don’t consider them as 20222 was the fourth consecutive year in a row when they were cited for multiple, significant violations. Most of their puppies are sold with untreated diseases. In January 2022, their dogs reported numerous cases of giardia and coccidiosis. They don’t have any clean space for their dogs to eat. In short, these are one of the bad dog breeders in the United States.

3. Brian Felton of Centerville

Brian Felton of Centerville also gets some demerit points in the recent inspection of the USDA due to their bad water facility for their dogs. They only have frozen water, and their dogs are exposed to freezing cold temperatures. They also have bad bedding material inside.

4. Menno Gingerich of Skyline Puppies in Albia

This kennel also received an official warning from the USDA earlier this year. The USDA inspector found that they have an injured puppy without any inspection. The inspector also tries to talk with a kennel worker to know about the exact situation, but he can’t satisfy the inspector. They don’t care much about the health of their puppies.

5. Helene Hamrick of Wolf Point Kennel in Ackworth

This kennel also receives an official warning due to a lack of veterinary care for its puppies. The USDA officials found that they keep their dogs in dangerous conditions. The inspector found some of their dogs with signs of significant dental disease. He also found issues with their poor housing, which usually injured the dogs.

6. Bruce Hooyer of JKLM Farm

Since 2018, this kennel is also on the head list of the USDA inspection team. After their inspection in 2018, they tried to downsize their breeding operation to retain a more manageable number of animals. But they still had 135 dogs in November 2021. The inspector also found that they have overall dirty conditions for their puppies. They only have two people working at the facility with too many dogs.

7. Jake Kruse or K&E Kennels in Salem

This breeder sells their puppies to many online platforms. Their housing facilities are bad with sharp corner edges and broken metal that can injure the dogs. They also have many cleaning and sanitation issues. They have 300 dogs on the site at the time of inspection in 2022. 

8. Steve Kruse of Stonehenge Kennel in West Point

This kennel is cited for repeat violations related to ailing dogs. Since 2015, more than 55 injured dogs or sick dogs have been noted by inspectors. They have 645 dogs on hand at the time of a September 2021 inspection. During the inspection, the inspector found that their four dogs need of veterinary care. Two of their individual dogs had signs of significant dental disease, and the third had an inflamed lower leg.

9. Lavern Nolt of Twin Birch in Charles City

During September 2021 and February 2022, the USDA inspector found that several of their dogs need veterinary care. Their dogs go through different health issues including abnormal skin conditions, and abnormal eye conditions. In 2019, their breeding program is cited by the USDA inspector for having sagging wire flooring in their enclosures that could injure the dogs.

10. Henry Sommers of Happy puppy in Cincinnati

It’s one of those breeding programs that are cited for several violations in recent years. The USDA inspector has a lot of concerns about their breeding program including their cleaning environment. They have remained the same issues again and again on every visit by the inspector, which includes the strong odor.

11. Van Der Zwaag German Shepherds in Hull

This kennel is also reported in February 2022 due to a list of problems. One of these problems is the death of several puppies with no documentation. The USDA inspector also reported their activity of importing a litter of puppies for the purpose of resale.

12. Dennis and Donna Van Wyk Kennel

The USDA inspector reported that their housing was in disrepair. In December 2021, the inspector noted wood flooring that was rotting or had holes in it, the insulation hanging down into the dog kennel, and damaged enclosures. Their dog’s strength was 50 at that time.

13. Charles Vogl of SCW Frenchies in Atlantic

In November 2021, the inspector found that they have dogs in the winter cold without adequate shelter. He found a pregnant dog in the kennel outdoors with no bedding and no door to the enclosure. All of their indoor and outdoor runs are 50% to 80% covered in animal waste. Every enclosure contains frozen water for puppies and the owner was unable to explain anything.

14. Anita Wikstrom in Ames

The USDA inspector rated them noncompliant in February 2022 due to the issues with clutter, trash, dirt, and weeds. The inspector mainly observes their cleaning issues. They have noticeable odors on their faces and urine due to the large volume of dogs. This was the main issue for their demerit points.

15. Woody Wiley of Cantril

In February 2022, the inspector found several issues with their dog’s visible veterinarian. One of their golden retrievers was found with hair loss over half of her body, a bichon fries with hair loss, and another dog with an open wound on one shoulder. They don’t maintain the medical record for all their dogs.

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