Rottle is a mixed dog breed of Rottweiler and Poodle. These are known for their playful and intelligent nature and are eager to please. The beautiful Rottle puppies inherit some best traits from both of their parents. These are known by several names, including the Rottipoo and Rottidoodle. However, it can be difficult to find the best Rottle dog breeder. So, we have done a lot of research and talked with many professional dog breeders to come up with a list of the best Rottle dog breeders in the USA.

All the below breeders are known for providing well-bred Rottle puppies to their families. They ensure the good health of their parents before crossing to get perfect Rottle puppies for the families. Even some of the below breeders also allow the owners in their breeding places. So, if you want to own a Rottle puppy, this article will be very helpful for you. Let’s get started with the list of best Rottle dog breeders in the USA.


Rottiepoo is the home of the very first multi-gen Rottweiler and Poodle cross. These have been breeding the Rottle pups for over 9 years. They slowly developed the Rottipoos to the next level having multi-generational lines. They have F1b and F2b generations of the Rottiepoo. If you want to get their F1b generation, you have to deposit $500 to be on their waitlist with a price of $2700. If you want to own an F2b generation Rottiepoo, you have to deposit $500 to be on the wait list with their price of $3500. You can visit their website to get all the information about the girls, boys, and available Rottiepoos.

Visit: Rottiepoo

Rottle/Rottiepoo puppies

These are other Rottle dog breeders. They are providing wonderful, playful, and top-quality Rottle puppies to families. All their parents are health tested to ensure the perfect health of the puppies. Their puppies are perfect as family dogs, companion dogs, and service dogs. They share a lot of pictures of their boys, girls, and puppies on a daily basis. You can visit their Facebook page to get more information about their parents and puppies.

Visit: Rottle/Rottiepoo Puppies

Greenfield Puppies

Greenfield puppies is an online marketplace to own various dog breeds. They have listed the number of breeders from all over the world that are offering different dog breeds to own. You can also check there for the best Rottle puppies’ sale. Don’t worry, as they always list the well reputable breeders on their website. The breeders here only present the best puppies for the families. You can visit their website to check out their health guarantee and new arrivals. Most of their Rottle puppies are between $500 to $1000. They help qualified owners to find the perfect puppies. The breeders on their site are located throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Visit their website for further information.

Visit: Greenfield Puppies


Rottle is one of the perfect mixes of Poodle. Poodle crossed with Rottweiler to produce the Rottle puppies. Today, many breeders are offering these cute mixes of the Poodle and Rottweiler. However, it can be difficult for some new owners to get the right puppy for their families. In this article, we listed the best Rottle breeders in the USA after researching a lot and talking with many owners. The above-listed breeders are offering the best puppies to families.

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