Don't mix the Portuguese water dogs with giant Poodles. This is a separate breed and is known for its beauty. You may also know this breed due to their relation to President Barack Obama's family. A Portuguese water dog spends many years with the President's family, along with his friend, Sunny. Today, these beautiful dogs are more popular than ever. Many families love to have these dogs as a four-leg family members. But it can be very difficult for many dog lovers to find a good breeder, especially for new owners. So, we have done deep research on our own and talked with many actual owners to list the best Portuguese water dog breeders around the world.

It's a lovely dog breed for people looking for a medium-sized hypoallergenic dog that can spend a long lifespan with them. All the below breeders are providing the best Portuguese water dogs in their areas. Make sure to don't buy in a hurry, as many new breeders also jump into this business due to the sudden popularity of these lovely dogs. Their breeding practices can flourish. Let's see the best Portuguese water dog breeders.


Matres Matrix San Diego

Matres Matrix San Diego is a California-based PWD breeder. These are the best choice for you if you want a puppy from champion lines. A devoted team of breeders takes care of each of their PWD puppies. They ensure the 24 hours of their puppies' care. All of their dogs are tested for all the inherited problems to minimize the chances of these issues in puppies. They won't breed if found any minor issues. This ensures their 100% pure and healthy PWD litters. Their puppies hardly get the issues like dilated cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, or improper coats. So, you can expect a healthy puppy from them. Visit their website to check out their available litters and dogs.

Visit: Matres Matrix San Diego

Caladesi Portuguese Water Dogs

Their breeding program goes back four generations. All their PWDs are AKC champions and registered with the American Kennel Club. You can make all of their puppies the finest family member. These are the real specimens of working dogs. You can train them for various tasks. However, if you think you can't handle the Caladesi Portuguese water dog, you can pick any other dog breed. These dogs are also tested for various diseases. However, if the results show that these are healthy, they definitely have no known health issues. These breeders are the official members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. This shows the commitment of these breeders to these lovely dogs. They ensure the highest standards for all of their dogs. You can visit their website to get information about their puppy adoption process.

Visit: Caladesi PortugueseWater Dogs

Stowaway PWDs

Stowaway PWDs are the breeders from Northeast Alabama. They also carry some other dog breeds along with the PWDs. The owner of this breeding program is very proud of her volunteer work as the Pacific Northwest Portuguese Water Dog Club director. She is also a member of the PWDCA. Her journey started with the PWDs in 1995, when she owned a two-year-old PWD. All of their pups undergo different health tests, including the OFA testing. It's a home-based breeder. All of their dogs are born and raised in the family environment. They ensure that each of their puppies goes through temperament evaluation to match their right owner.

Visit: Stowaway PWDs

Sea Dog kennel

The Sea dog kennel is home to champion bloodlines. Their beautiful puppies can easily win the dog show, but they don't put their dogs in dog show rings. Instead, they spoil their puppies with love and care. They ensure that all of their dogs stick together. If you are looking for a companion dog, this is the right breed for you. Their dogs are a mixture of European and American bloodlines. You can get a top-notch pedigree from them with a better temperament. Besides Portuguese water dogs, they also raise the Bernese water dogs. They don't breed their pups all the time and have planned litters of both dog breeds. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely dogs.

Visit: Sea Dog Kenel

Mariposa PWD

Mariposa PWDs have been breeding exceptional water dogs for over 25 years. They have produced over 50 champion dogs in more than 15 countries over the years. It's truly a place where champion Portuguese water dogs are born. They have loving dogs with old-style temperaments. Their main aim is to preserve this lovely dog breed. All their pups are home born and raised. Make sure to provide them outside time due to their high energy level. They only planned one or two litters every year. You can contact them if you are looking for a 100% healthy dog. All their dogs are registered with OFFA and PWDCA. Visit their website to get more information about their dogs and puppies.

Visit: Mariposa PWD

Sunkissed Portuguese Water Dogs

Sunkissed Portuguese water dog's kennels are home to lovely Portuguese water dogs with over 20 years of experience. All of their dogs are bred and raised according to AKC standards and are perfect for the new homes. Their positive feedback training ensures lovely puppies for the families. They ensure to create and maintain the excellent temperament of their dogs. They treat all of their dogs with kindness to raise them without fearful personalities. You can locate their lovely Portuguese water dogs at their own pools in their backyard. You will get complete help from them if you want to own a new puppy from them. Visit their website to get information about their lovely dogs.

Visit: Sunkissed PortugueseWater Dogs

Aarion Portuguese Water Dogs

It's another best home for beautiful Portuguese water dogs in America. These are raising the perfect dogs for families. All their dogs are happy, sound, active, and super intelligent. Their dogs get maximum attention inside the breeder's home. Their best training methods ensure that their dogs are well-behaved in front of strangers. They sold their puppies on spay-neuter contracts only. They always look for potential owners for their lovely Portuguese water dogs. All their puppies are examined and checked thoroughly before handing them out to the new owners. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely dogs.

Visit: Aaron Portuguese WaterDogs

Doe Sea Kennel

Doe sea kennel is another potential breeder of lovely Portuguese water dogs in the United States. These focus on the best of the breed. They take extensive care of their puppies. All their dogs are regularly exercised, checked, and socialized for superior health. They ensure that their dogs are raised as sound, active, and super intelligent pets. They also regularly groom their puppies to maintain their perfect look. Their dogs are familiarized with fireworks, thunder, rain, screams, families, and children. They also ensure their parent's DNA testing and X-rays before breeding. Usually, their puppies leave the kennel after crate training and potty training.

Visit: Doe Sea Kennel


Belouro Portuguese Water Dogs

These Portuguese water dogs are located in Oro-Medonte. They have been breeding this lovely dog breed since 1995. These are also a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada. All their puppies are raised inside their house with their family members to ensure their early socialization. The Belouro puppies are OFA-certified and confirmed free of any elbow or hip dysplasia. They health-tested their puppies for progressive Retinal Atrophy and Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely dogs.

Visit: Belouro PortugueseWater Dogs

Charbr Portuguese Water Dogs

It's a small home-based kennel of lovely Portuguese water dogs in Mississauga. Their purebred dogs are from champion bloodlines. These are the members of the Portuguese water dog club of America and the Canadian Kennel Club. They also work with other reliable breeders to produce top-quality Portuguese water dogs. You can visit their website for more information about their dogs.

Visit: Charbr Portuguese WaterDogs


The Portuguese water dog is a lovely dog breed that is known for its relationship with President Barack Obama's family. Today, these dogs are very famous among families who love to have them as a pet. But sometimes, it can be difficult for people to find the best breeder. So, we have researched on our own and listed some reputable Portuguese water dog breeders around the world. This list will help you to get a lovely Portuguese water dog. All the above-listed breeders are known for providing the best dogs in their areas.

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