Poodle is a lovely dog breed known for its intelligence. These lovely dogs come in four sizes: Standard, Medium, Miniature, and Toy Poodle. These are known as Pudel in German and Caniche in French. Today, there are plenty of Poodle mixes in the world. These lovely dogs are crossed with many other dogs to produce many lovely hybrid dogs. Some of their famous mixes are Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Cavapoo, Yorkiepoo, Pomapoo, Schnoodle, and Bernedoodle. However, there are many other Poodle crossbreeds.

The Poodle mixes popularity is increasing day by day. Many breeders are offering lovely Poodle mixed breeds. But it can be challenging for new owners to find a reputable breeder. Don’t get a Poodle mix from any puppy mill. We have listed the best Poodle mix breeders around the world to make it an easy process for the owners. All the below breeders are providing quality Poodle mixes in their areas. Let’s get started with the Best Poodle Mix Breeders around the world.


Goldendoodle Acres

Goldendoodle acres is located in Neenah, Wisconsin. It’s an experienced breeding team who are passionate about raising the quality tested Doodles. You can get micro mini Goldendoodles, Petite Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, Medium Goldendoodles, Standard Goldendoodles, and Mini Bernedoodles from them. They ensure that all of their dogs are tested for the disease. You will get a two-year money-back guarantee from them on what they test for. All their dogs are raised in their home as loved family members. They introduce their puppies to various places and surfaces to ensure their socialization. Their puppies are microchipped before leaving for their permanent homes. You can visit their website to check out their upcoming litters.

Visit: Goldendoodle Acres

Midwest Labradoodle

Midwest Labradoodle is a breeder of premier Labradoodle puppies located between Milwaukee, WI, and Chicago. They produce Minis, Medium, and Standard Labradoodles. You will get low to non-shedding puppies. All their puppies are allergy friendly, highly intelligent, and easily trainable. They ensure the extensive socialization of their puppies. Their puppies come with health-tested parents, dewormed, up to date on shots, vet checked, dew claws removed, microchipped, and 30 days of free Trupanion pet health insurance. These are specialized in the Australian Labradoodle. Most of their Australian Labradoodle bloodlines originate with Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia. You can visit their website to check out their upcoming litters.

Visit: Midwest Labradoodle

Pure Heart Farms and Ministries

Pure Heart Farm was established in 2012 in Blanchester, Ohio. These produce beautiful Cockapoos for families in the USA. These are raising the wonderful cockapoos with 11 years of experience. Today, they are located in Huntsville, Alabama. Though they move from 20 acres farm to 1 acres farm, but they don’t compromise on the quality of their Cockapoo puppies. All their Cockapoo puppies are well-socialized and health-tested. They have to plan to continue their breeding program in a rural lifestyle on a smaller scale to provide the best puppies to the families. You can visit their website to check out their available puppies.

Visit: Pure Heart Farms andMinistries

King Mountain Doodles

King Mountain Doodles is a dog-loving family with a special passion for two favorite doodle breeds, Cavapoos and Bernedoodles. They have 100 acres of woods, fields, and meadows for their lovely doodles. Their dogs enjoy running and playing on their 100 acres. They specially treat each of their puppies to make them great family pets. They cuddled and loved their puppies from day one. You may have to wait to get a puppy from them. To reserve your spot on the waiting list, you have to deposit $300 nonrefundable down payment. After that, you have to wait to get a response from them. Visit their website for further details about their upcoming litter and adoption process.

Visit: King Mountain Doodles

Country Acres Puppies

Country Acres Puppies are located in Fairbury, Illinois. These are specialized in small dog breeds such as Maltese, Yorkies, Poodles, Maltipoo, Morkie, and Morkiepoo. You can also get Mini Goldendoodle puppies from them. They ensure to provide the best-matched puppies for the families. It’s a family-run business that raises its puppies with the greatest love and care. They have over 20 years of experience in raising beautiful, happy, and healthy puppies. You can visit their website to check out their available puppies.

Visit: Country Acres Puppies

Utah Bernedoodle

Utah Bernedoodle is owned by Ruth Sommers. These have been breeding professionally for almost 10 years. They have a great passion for producing lovely Bernedoodles for families. They have years of research in crossing the Bernese Mountain dog and Poodle. They are only focusing on this lovely breed to provide great dogs for families. They know how to produce the desired health, temperament, and colors. They ensure to provide pre-spoiled, healthy, and great temperament dogs to the families. Their force-free training methods ensure the best-trained dogs. Health and happiness are their top priorities. You can visit their website to check out their available puppies and their adoption process.

Visit: Utah Bernedoodle


Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

We are responsible breeders of small Mini Goldendoodle puppies. It’s an in-home family breeder. Three generations of their family are responsibly breeding the lovely and great-tempered Mini Goldendoodle puppies. You can find their Mini Goldendoodles in a variety of colors. You have to reserve a spot to get a puppy from them. First, reserve a spot, choose a date, and pick your puppy. Visit their website for further information about their puppies.

Visit: Mini GoldendoodlePuppies

Big Rock Labradoodles

Big Rock Labradoodles are located in the North, in Beaumont. It’s a true breeder of Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. They produce better dogs and ensure that their puppies spend many happy years with their families. They have fully tested stock to provide the puppies to families in good health. All their puppies are raised at home, which ensures the best-socialized puppies to the families. You will get lifetime support from them with 3 years of the health warranty. Visit their website to get more information about their lovely dogs.

Visit: Big Rock Labradoodles

KS Designer Doodles

KS designer doodles are located on a 47 acres farm just outside of Marmora, Ontario. They started breeding designer doodles in 2015. They are dedicated to raising the best health-tested puppies for families. They ensure the best environment for their puppies to make them excellent family pets. They provide all the necessary exposure to their puppies at an early age. All their puppies are raised in a nursery at their home. The owner of this breeding program has been involved in the equine and canine industry almost his whole life. You can visit their website to check out their girls, boys, past litters, and litter galleries.

Visit: KS Designer Doodles


Kooee Labradoodles

Kooee Labradoodles are raising well-balanced multi-generation Australian Labradoodle puppies for families. They are committed to the health screening of their breeding dogs. They make responsible choices and support the health of this incredible breed. All their puppies are raised with lots of care. These are passionate about supporting families even after their puppies go to their permanent homes. These are breeding miniature and medium-sized multi-generation Australian Labradoodles with low-shedding and allergy-friendly features. They ensure the DNA and HP/Elbow testing of their puppies. All their puppies are Vet health checked at 6 weeks of age. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely Australian Labradoodles.

Visit: Kooee Labradoodles

Sands Australian Labradoodles

These are the small family breeders of multi-generational Australian Labradoodles. These are dedicated to producing lovely Australian Labradoodles for families. They do everything to improve the quality of Australian Labradoodles. They ensure that they are sending happy, confident, and well-socialized puppies to the families. All their pups are waited daily to ensure their good health. Their pups get lots of cuddles at an early age. They ensure to spend maximum time with them to make them an excellent family companion. You can visit their website to get more information about their lovely Labradoodles.

Visit: Sand’s AustralianLabradoodles


Menethorpe Doodles

Menethorpe Doodles have been breeding the lovely Goldendoodles since 2008 in the United Kingdom. They are committed to producing healthy and beautiful Goldendoodle puppies. All their dogs are pets first and live with them as family members. Their dogs are all health tested, enjoy a lot of exercise, and are fed a quality raw diet. Their puppies are raised in the kitchen, and their every need is catered for to ensure their well-socialization. All their dogs live long and happy lives in their forever homes. You can also get some other doodles from them. Visit their website to get more information about the Menethorpe doodles.

Visit: Menethorpe Doodles

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