Pomeranian is one of the favorite dog breeds for families. In fact, these are ranking in the top 20 most favorite dog breeds each year. They have huge personalities in their tiny size makes them ideal dogs for individuals and families. Their popularity increased after breeding them as mix-breeds with other dogs. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 Pomeranian mix breeds. All of their mixes are very adorable and cute. Even many dog lovers prefer their mixes over the purebred Pomeranian. These Mixes include the Pomsky, Pomchi, Shiranian, etc.

We have talked with many Pomeranian dog lovers and professional Pomeranian mix breeders to come up with a list of 5 Pomeranian mix breeds. All these mixes are known for their cute and adorable look. These can be made excellent pets for the right families. Let’s see 5 best Pomeranian mix breeds.

1. Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix (Pomchi)

Pomchi is a mix of Pomeranian and Chihuahua. They are playful, devoted, and energetic dogs that inherit many best qualities from their parents. They go by several names, including Chimeranian, Chi-pom, Pom-Chi, and Pomahuahua. It’s a relatively new breed and, therefore, only a few standards when it comes to its size. However, you can safely assume your dog is a small dog. Most of the individuals weigh in at 4 to 12 pounds and range in height from 6 to 10 inches at the shoulder.

They have a lot of energy and spunk with their small size. They enjoy being the center of attention. Even if they have a lot of energy, they don’t enjoy a good cuddle session. You have to train and socialize them as early as possible. They like to find a favorite person in their home and get stick to them like glue. These are best suited for the single person and couple home. Usually, these are healthy dogs, but they can suffer from cataracts, progressive rental atrophy, hypothyroidism, dental and gum disease, and epilepsy. 

2. Husky Pomeranian Mix (Pomsky)

Husky and Pomeranian mix is also known as Pomsky. It’s a very popular mix of Pomeranian due to the majestic look of the Siberian Husky with the adorability of the Pomeranian. These are like smart bouncy cookies in their small size. These are very friendly and energetic, like a fuzz ball that keeps your family entertained for hours. These are very social and loving, so be ready for the daily attention and cuddle sessions. They inherit intelligence from the Husky parent.

A Pomsky can reach up to 15 inches in height and weigh anything between 20 and 30 pounds. They can be larger than people think but are still considered a small dog breed. If you are looking for a tiny teacup size, this breed is not for you. Their coat can come in different colors, which include black and white, red, brown, and cream. Their soft fluffy double-layered coat is adorable for dog lovers. Most of the Pomsky inherit their distinctive eyes from Siberian Huskies. Despite their small size, these dogs need regular exercise and stimulation throughout the day.

3. Pomeranian Shih Tzu Mix (Shiranian)

Shiranian is a mixed breed of Shih Tzu and Pomeranian. These are small, adorable, and loyal dogs that inherit many good qualities from their parents. These are also known by some other names, including Pomshi, Shih-Pom, Shih-A-Pom, and Pom-Tzu. You can make these lovely dogs great companions. These are pretty versatile and can thrive in almost any environment, including the family home, apartment, or small country house. As a mixed breed of Pomeranian and Shih Tzu, you can expect the Shiranian on the small side.

Most of the Shiranian weigh in at 4 to 16 pounds and range in height from 7 to 12 inches at the shoulder. In general, these are described as friendly and playful, depending upon their size and personality. You have to establish their training and socialization early on to make them perfect family members. They can predispose to some health conditions. Their common health problems are cataracts, hypoglycemia, allergies, and hypothyroidism.

4. Yorkie Pomeranian Mix (Yorkie-Pom)

This loveable breed is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire terrier and a Pomeranian. It’s an ultimately small dog breed. They inherit lovely traits from both of their parents when it comes to their temperament and behavior. These are perfect balls of energy, affection, and furriness. Their fuzzy cuteness is very attractive to dog lovers. It’s an intelligent dog breed that generally responds to training. Make sure to start training early to establish these dogs as a perfect family pets. Their socialization is also very important and should be started from a young age.

Typically, a Yorkie-Pom stands between 7 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 3 to 7 pounds at maturity. However, their size can vary depending upon the size of the parents. Temperamentally, these are friendly and energetic. It’s a healthy dog breed and less likely to develop congenital conditions. However, some of their health problems include eye and dental problems, epilepsy, liver disease, respiratory infections, and kidney problems. It’s worth maintaining their regular checkups.

5. Pomeranian Poodle Mix (Pomapoo)

Pomapoo is another adorable mix of Pomeranian and Poodle. It’s a compact, intelligent, and affectionate dog breed that inherits the best qualities from its parents. These are also known by many other names, including Pomeranian, Pompooo, and Pomeroodle. These adorable dogs can easily make great apartment dogs. These are very energetic, friendly, and confident. You can expect them always be on the small side depending on their parents. However, most of the Pomapoo weigh 5 to 15 pounds with 8 to 10 inches height at the shoulder. Typically, the males are slightly larger than the females.

These cute pups are friendly and known for their happy outlook. You can say that these are small dogs with a big personalities. These are not aggressive or shy and are generally very friendly. However, you have to start their socialization early. Let them experience new people, new animals, and new sounds. Although these are very friendly with all the family members but can make the strongest bond with their main caregiver. Make sure to don’t leave them alone for a long time. Some of their common health issues are patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, epilepsy, and cataracts.


There are a lot of Pomeranian mixes available; we have only listed the 5 mixes of hair. All of their mixes are very intelligent, adorable, and cute. Depending upon the size of the Pomeranian, you can expect all of their mixes on the small side. They can be made a lovely family member due to their small size and intelligence. Whatever mix of Pomeranians you are going to get, make sure to take their special care and train them early to make them an ideal family pet.

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