Are you looking for the best small dog breeders? In this article, we will tell you about the popular small dog breeders around the world. These breeders are offering their best services in their regions. Many of these breeders also offer shipping services to provide their puppies in other areas. We have done a lot of research and also talked with many small dog owners to come up with a list of the best small dog breeders in the world. We know small dog breeds are favorite for many families as they can easily adjust to the family environment.

You can get a puppy from these breeders without worrying. But you can visit these breeders if you can before making the purchase. This will give you the best idea about their breeding environment. You can also meet with their parent breeds to get some idea about their puppies. Let's see the best small dog breeders around the world.


Artistry Yorkies USA

Artistry Yorkies are providing cute Yorkie puppies in the USA. These small dogs are perfect with show dog qualities. Artistry Yorkies are breeding the cute Yorkshire Terrier puppies that competed in AKC events. You can get a cute puppy from them throughout the years. You can say these are the home of cute Yorkshire Terrier dogs. Their high standards make sure a fit, healthy, and good temperament dog. You may find a puppy from them at a higher price as compared to the other breeders due to their higher standards. You can check out more details about their recent and past puppies on their website.

Visit The: The Artistry Yorkies

Regal Maltese USA

Regal breeders are perfect for you if you are looking for Maltese breeders. These are specialized in breeding show dogs. They are mainly breeding Maltese dogs and often sell these puppies through the AKC. The owners of this breeding program are experienced and skilled in their field. Many fellow breeders, groomers, and trainers helped them in their breeding program. Maltese are their passion, and they are willing to share their positive experience with their buying families. They always take care of their Maltese and believe in providing the puppies to families with good health. You can visit their website to get some idea about their puppies.

Visit The: The Regal Maltese

Walker-Hill Kennel USA

Walker-Hill Kennel has been raising and breeding the best Chihuahua puppies since 1963. All of their puppies originate from healthy Chihuahua parents. They pay special attention to each of their puppies and are committed to giving them all their resources. They ensure each puppy's health and quality and are passionate about sharing their puppies with their families. You will not only get a puppy from them, they will also share its knowledge and insight with their puppy owners. You can get in touch with them right away to learn about their waiting procedure and puppies. They are one of the oldest and finest Chihuahua breeders in the USA. Visit their website to see their recent and past puppies.

Visit The: The Walker-Hill Kennels

Cambeas Bichon Frise Puppies USA

Cambeas Bichon Frise Puppies are located in Clearwater, Florida, USA. They have been providing the best Bichon Frise puppies since 1991 and are popular in delivering high-quality Bichon Frise puppies in the USA. Their main focus of breeding is to produce healthy and happy puppies. They believe that high-quality nutrition, a clean environment, and superior parents can play an important role in the temperament of the puppies. They also carefully select the breeds to ensure the perfect temperament of their puppies. You can find a perfect Bichon Frise from them that can easily adjust in any family. Visit their website to get more information about their puppies and parents.

Visit The: The Cambeas Bichon Frise

Floroda's Fancy Shih Tzu USA

Florida's Fancy Shih Tzu breeders are located in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. They have been producing quality puppies for families all over the country for years. Most of their dogs are from champion lines. The owners of this breeding program worked as Vet Techs for five years and also worked as a manager in a local pet store for a few years. All their dogs are AKC registered, up to date on vaccines, and evaluated before breeding. Their dogs live in their homes and are never caged. You can visit their home to check out their parents and past puppies.

Visit The: The Florida's Fancy Shih Tzu

Pickwick Pugs USA

Pickwick pugs started their breeding program as a small hobby and showed kennel in 1990. Dr. Jeffrey and Amy McLelland are the owners of this breeding program who both have a passion for Pugs. They are members of Pug Dog Club of America, Birmingham Obedience Training Club, and many other registered clubs. They are committed to providing purebred pugs that are physically healthy and have good well-being. You will get a well-trained and socialized puppy from them. All their puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, and equipped with basic training when they come to their permanent homes at the age of 12 weeks. You can visit their website to get some idea about their dogs and puppies.

Visit The: The Pickwick Pugs


Reillys Red's Shih Tzu Canada

Reillys Red's Shih Tzu is located in Ontario, Canada, and a passionate breeder of Shih Tzus who started their breeding journey with Yorkies. They have more than 20 years of experience in breeding cute puppies for families. It's a very serious and reputable breeder that provides a lot of love and care to its dogs and puppies. They are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Canadian Shih Tzu Club. They feed high-quality dog food to their puppies and provide quality playtime to ensure their good health. Their lot of efforts play an important role in developing the healthiest bloodlines. You can visit their website to get some idea about their dogs and puppies.

Visit The: The Reillys Reg'd Shih Tzu

Aldar's Boston Terriers Canada

Aldar's Boston Terriers is located in Clifford, Ontario. They have been producing quality pets for families for years. Their top-quality Boston Terrier dogs, some from top show lines. Their breed standards ensure the best quality puppies for the families. They are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and can supply references upon request. You will get a puppy from them with the Canadian Kennel Club registration; vet inspected, dewormed, and also have their first shots. All their puppies come to their permanent homes with a one-year health contract. They always encourage the families to come to their homes before purchasing the puppy.

Visit The: The Alda's Boston Terriers

Blu Frenchibles Canada

Blu, Frenchibles is located in Clarington, Ontario, Canada. This is a small breeding program, but they are registered with Canadian Kennel Club. They have over thirteen years of experience in producing high-quality purebred French Bulldogs for families. You can also get a rare color franchise from them, including the lilac, lilac fawn, chocolate, and blue. Their breeding team ethically breeds, raises, and socializes their puppies to provide the best puppies for the families. Their loving, indoor environment is perfect for small dog breeds. You will get a good temperament puppy from them with health certificates. Moreover, they also ensure that each of their puppies is dewormed properly and gets the first shots before going to their permanent homes.

Visit The: The Blu Frenchibles


Tweed Valley Pomeranians

Tweed valley Pomeranians are registered breeders recognized Australia-wide. They are known for loving and breeding the Pomeranians throughout Australia. They provide an enriching environment to promote holistic wellness for all their animals. Their Pomeranians are their family, and each one is very special to them. They have toys, play equipment, a waterfall, a bridge, and a pond for swimming. Their 46 acres are perfectly adjusted for their lovely Pomeranians. Hopefully, their new puppy will be a beautiful and memorable experience for you. You will get a beautiful puppy from them in good health. Visit their website for more information.

Visit The: The Tweed Valley Pomeranians

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