Are you looking to own a mixed dog breed? In this article, we will tell you about best mixed dog breeders around the world. We know it's difficult to find a reputable breeder for the families, especially when they are looking to own a mixed dog breed. Mixed dog breeds are produced from two different dog breeds, which need special care when choosing the breed as compared to the pure dog breeds. However, these breeds have rare chances of inheriting any parent disease if bred perfectly. We have done all the research work and come up with the list of best mixed dog breeders around the world.

The list below contains some best mixed dog breeders around the world that offer different mixed dog breeds. We have researched and talked with many professionals and owners before compiling the list. Still, you can personally visit the breeders before owning a dog if you have time. Let's see the best mixed dog breeders around the world.


Walnut Valley Puppies USA

Walnut valley puppies are offering all the standard sizes of the Bernedoodles. However, mostly they bred the mini and standard Bernedoodles. They are located in Illinois. They mainly produced tri-color puppies. You will get a Bernedoodle puppy from them with everything they want to come home, including some toys and food. You will get a puppy from them with a 2-year genetic health guarantee. They go through a proper health inspection before handling their puppies to their owners. They mostly have the puppies for sale on their website. You can visit their website to check their recent puppies and past puppies. You can check their waiting list and apply if you want a puppy from them.

Visit The: Walnut Valley Puppies

Doodle Run Kennels USA

Doodle Run kennels are breeding the hybrid dog breeds like the Aussiedoodle. Right now, they are only breeding the F1 generation Aussiedoodle. Since they have only F1 generation Aussiedoodles, so the features and attributes can greatly vary within the same litter. So, it's difficult to predict when they will have the hypoallergenic and non-shedding coat. They do proper health and genetic testing before allowing their dog for breeding. They mainly focus on the temperament and personality of the dogs while choosing the parents for their breeding program. Their breeding program ensures that the Aussiedoodles live a healthy and happy life. You will get a puppy from them with 2 years health guarantee. Their Aussiedoodle can cost you anywhere between $3000 to $3500. You can visit their website to get some idea about their puppies.

Visit The: Doodle Run Kennels

Mountaineer Basset Hounds USA

Mountaineer basset hounds are the pride member of the Basset Hound Club of America. They have been breeding quality basset hounds for a decade now. It's a small family-run kennel, where the basset hounds enjoying in the family environment. They ensure that each of their puppies gets the ample amount of attention and care they need. Each of their puppies is regularly checked by a veterinarian to ensure the correct basset hound for families. All their puppies receive vaccine shots against canine illnesses. You will get a basset hound puppy from them for around $2000 and have to pay $25 to be on their waitlist. You can visit their website to see their recent and past puppies.

Visit The: Mountaineer Basset Hounds

Mountain Rose Bordoodles USA

These are also the family-operated breeders of Bordoodles in the USA. They are raising cute puppies that are familiar and comfortable around the kids and people. The owners of this breeding program have years of experience in breeding quality dogs for families. Their dogs go for a daily walk in the beautiful open air where they have plenty of room for playing. They ensure to follow the established standards to ensure the best quality of their breeds. You will get a 10-year health guarantee from them. All their puppies are well-socialized and comfortable around humans and dogs. You have to deposit a small fee along with an application to reserve a puppy from them. Visit their website to get more information about their dogs and puppies.

Visit The: Mountain Rose Bordoodles

Puggle Baby USA

Puggle babies are producing the best puppies for families to make the best pets. They are not puppy mills as they only offer puggle puppies raised at their home. They are located in Central Kentucky, between Louisville and Bowling Green. But you don't need to worry as they have a shipping option to deliver their puppies to other areas of the USA. They have their own AKC-registered pugs and beagles to produce the beautiful puggle dogs. They have been breeding the puggle for over 10 years now and are one of the experienced breeders of this breed. You can visit their website to check out their recent and past puppies.

Visit The: Puggle Baby

Heart of America Whoodles USA

Heart of America Whoodles is the focused breeders of whoodles in the Midwest. Its mission is to provide work and service dogs as well. They love to support their owners to provide the best environment for their puppies. However, you may have to wait to get a puppy from them due to their increasing popularity. You have to fill out the online application form to reserve a puppy from them. Their in-depth application process ensures the right puppy for the families. You can visit the upcoming litter's category on their website to know about their available litters.

Visit The: Heart of America Whoodles


Willow Brook Bernedoodles Canada

Willow brook Bernedoodles have registered purebred Bernese Mountain Dog females and registered purebred Poodles to produce the amazing Bernedoodles for the families. All their Bernedoodles are easy-going, intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. You can easily train their Bernedoodles for various tasks to easily adjust in any family. You can train them to become wonderful companion dogs. Their parent dogs come from champion bloodlines to ensure the best quality Bernedoodles. You can visit their website to check out their recent and past puppies.

Visit The: Willow Brook Bernedoodles

Spruce Ridge Kennels Canada

Spruce Ridge Kennels offer the best puppies at their home for your home. They are specialized in hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs that you and your family will love. Their puppies are family raised, bred for personality, gently cared for, vet-checked, and come with their first shots, dewormed, microchipped, and health guarantee. You can find all their parents and puppies on their site. You can also visit their state-of-the-art, registered kennel that is well ventilated and includes in-floor heating. Visit their website to check out their recent and past puppies.

Visit The: Spruce Ridge kennels


Brisbane Bernedoodles

Brisbane Bernedoodles is specialized in raising happy, loyal, and friendly Bernedoodlse for families. They love and properly care for their puppies until they meet their permanent families. They have a lovely environment for their puppies surrounded by nature and many social interactions with children. Their Bernedoodle puppies are the ideal addition to any family. They have a limited number of puppies each year to ensure that their parent's Bernedoodles remain healthy, happy, and live healthy lives. You can get a playful, low-shedding puppy from them in tri, black, phantom, and parti colors. Visit their website to check out their recent and past puppies.

Visit The: Brisbane Bernedoodles

Chevromist Australia

Chevromist Australia is a new brand facility that is carefully designed to ensure the best puppies for families. Each of their dogs is carefully selected for health and temperament to ensure their puppy's health. Their registered kennel goes through regular audits and inspections but Animal Welfare of Victoria and local authorities. Visit their website to check out their recent and past puppies.

Visit The: Chevromist Australia

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