Are you looking for the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Breeders in Ontario? You are at the right place. In this article, we have listed the best breeders to own Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in Ontario. We know many people love this breed as it's one of the most famous dog breeds in Canada. But many new breeders also jump into their breeding due to their popularity, making it very difficult for the people to choose the right breeder. But you don't need to worry about it; we have researched a lot and talked with many dogs owner to come up with the list of best nova scotia duck tolling retrievers' breeders in Ontario.

You can also check out our list of best dog breeders in Canada, and the best Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, if you are looking to own any other breed. We have many dog lovers and professionals throughout Canada who help us to choose the right breeders for our list to help the people. Let's see the list of best nova scotia duck tolling retriever breeders in Ontario.

1. Red Shadow Kennels

Red Shadow Kennels is a CKC registered breeding kennel located in Hampton, Ontario. They are committed to producing the sound, intelligent, and healthy Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers for the families. You will get lifetime support after getting a dog from them. Each of their dogs enjoys a rich, full life and realizes its full potential. All their dogs are first and foremost dedicated family companions, but they can also excel in hunt, therapy, obedience, scent work, and performance. They produce a very limited number of puppies each year to ensure the quality of this breed. You can visit their website to check out their dogs and services. Other than puppies, they are also offering some other services.

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2. Roaneden Registered

Roaneden Perm Registered is the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever in Ontario. They have more than 22 years of experience in breeding this special dog breed. These are the home of Canada's top-winning toller bitch of all time. They breed the nova scotia duck tolling retrievers on a limited basis at their home. These are the preservation breeders with the goal of consistently breeding top-quality dogs. Even their Tollers are among the best in the world. Their fantastic temperament and health are ideal for the families. They are proudly recognized as Canadian Kennel Club, Long Service Members. You can visit their website to check out their available puppies, boys and girls.

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3. Dunfield Tollers

Dunfield Tollers are the Nova Scotia Ducking Tolling Retrievers located in Southern Ontario. These are the small home-based breeders providing the best family dogs in Ontario and throughout Canada. They have been involved with Tollers for more than 20 years. All their girl's and boy's images are on their website; you can check them before owning a litter from them. Their dogs also became multi-champion and competed in obedience, field, and agility. They spend hours studying pedigrees and examining the health and structure of each of their dog, which helps them to find the best match for their dogs. They don't breed their dogs before two to ensure their puppies' genetic health. Visit their website to check out the available litters.

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4. Nopper's Tollers

Nopper's Tollers are permanently registered CKC Kennel breeders that are committed to producing the Tollers. They are living on 120 acres of beautiful, treed land. They are producing loyal, intelligent, and easily trainable dogs for the families. Their dogs can enhance your happiness and bring joy to all those around them. Their dogs are equally happy in the field or on the couch. They raw-fed their dogs and minimally vaccinated them to ensure the best possible babies. They also do yearly blood work to check out the thyroid levels and titer levels, among other things. You can visit their website to check out their boys and girls and their available puppies.

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5. Gun Dog Breeders

Debbie and Keith are the owners of this breeding program, originally from Newfoundland. In 2002, they were relocated to Ontario. Today, they are living on 120 acres of a beautiful, treed land village named Toledo, which is halfway between Ottawa and Kingston. They started their breeding program with Boxers and, over the years, managed to produce some award-winning dogs. However, today they are breeding the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers for the families. They not only believe in breeding good dogs for the families but also the healthy ones. They feed the raw diet to their dogs, which contributes to their health and longevity of the dogs. You can visit their website to check out their dogs.

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