Are you looking for the best Newfoundland breeders in Ontario? You are at the right place. In this article, we will list the best Newfoundland breeders in Ontario. Newfoundland is one of the popular dog breeds in Canada, making it a little harder for the people to own. Some new breeders also jump into their breeding programs due to their popularity. So, you must ensure that you are getting a puppy from an experienced breeder. Their experienced breeders have more knowledge to produce the best Newfoundland puppies for the families.

We have done all the research work to ensure the quality of the breeders on our list. You can also check out our list of best Cavapoo breeders in Ontario. Let’s get started with the list of best Newfoundland breeders in Ontario.

1. Hunterhill Kennels

Hunterhill kennels started in 1997. They are located in the Golden Horseshoe area of Southern Ontario. One hour south of the Owen Sound/Meaford area and two hours north and west of Toronto. They have climate-controlled whelping facilities and large outdoor runs for their Newfoundland. Currently, they are breeding black, Landseer, bronze, and gray Newfoundland puppies. They sold all their puppies under the contract of two years written health guarantee. You will get a vet checked, wormed, microchipped, and registered puppies from them. You can visit their kennel to pick up your puppy. They always welcome visits, questions, e-mails, pictures of dogs, and phone calls. All their Newfoundland dogs are lovable and devoted dogs, a wonderful addition to any family. You can visit their website to get their contact information.

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2. South Shore Newfoundland

South Shore Newfoundland is a family breeder of Newfoundland and Affenpinscher located in Upstate New York. They started with their first Newf in 1993, who was 18 months old at that time and named Sailor. In 2013, they also acquired Affenpinscher. All their Affens and Newfs are trained in obedience and conformation. They make sure to prepare their puppies before placing them in their new lives. Their Newfoundland and Affenpinschers are members of the Newfoundland Club of America and Affenpinscher Club of America, board members of the Genesee Region Newfoundland Clun, and members of the Newfoundland Club of New England. You can visit their website to see their Affens, Newfs, and puppies.

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3. Newfhill Kennels

Newfhill kennels are owned by a devoted breeding family. Their Newfoundland’s are family companions and enthusiastic working dogs. They are located near Lakefield, Ontario, in the picturesque County of Peterborough. They train all their dogs with Allan Maniate for water rescue, carting, and rally obedience. Newfhill Kennels carefully choose the families for their cute puppies to ensure their future lives. You can get a perfect family companion from them. Visit their website to check out their Newfs and puppies before purchasing.

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4. Aberforth Newfoundlands

Aberforth Newfoundlands are providing the best Newfoundlands to the families in Ontario. They are the small breeders located outside the town of Gananoque, Ontario, in the heart of the Thousand Islands. All their dogs live as a part of their family. They breed dogs to produce healthy, long-living Newfoundlands with excellent temperaments and good conformation. All their puppies are raised at their home and exposed to many different stimuli throughout their time. They ensure that their puppies are well-rounded and have lots of time with kids, dogs, cats, noises, and smells. Their puppies started with house training at 2 weeks of age and then introduced to crate training around 6 weeks of age.

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5. Recurve Kennels

Recurve Kennels are located in Mono, Ontario, in the beautiful heart of the Headwaters, located just north of the GTA. They have owned and raised the Newfoundlands, Rough Collies, and Bernese Mountain dogs for the past 20 years. All their dogs are raised at their loving home and are actively involved in conformation shows across Canada. They are active members of the CKC, Caledon Kennel Association, and Newfoundland Dog Club of Canada. They strive to maintain and preserve the heritage of the Newfoundland breed standards for conformation, temperament, and soundness. All their dogs go through health clearance before breeding. You can visit their website to check out their boys, girls, and puppies before purchasing.

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6. Jen’s Newfs

Jen’s Newfs is a CKC-registered Newfoundland breeder in Ontario. They strive to provide quality and well-tempered puppies to families. All their dogs have health clearance and OFA certifications. Each puppy has a non-breeding agreement as well as a 2-year genetic health guarantee. They ensure that their Newfoundland puppy is suitable for the family. They always keep in touch with their puppy owners. Their CKC-registered purebred puppies are ideal for families. You can visit their website to check out their dogs, and litter.

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