Is your dog also trying to eat everything? You are at the right place; here, we will tell you why your dog is eating everything. We will also tell you how you can stop your dog from eating everything. Don't worry if your dog is also showing this behavior; this is one of the normal behavior of many dog breeds. They can try to eat toys, grass, and anything else. It's one of the natural behavior of many canine companions.

Usually, the dogs with pica have the problem of eating non-edible items. They have a compulsive urge to eat non-edible items such as rocks, dirt, and sticks. These animals are actually missing many essential minerals in their diet. So, if your dog is showing interest in many non-edible items, this could be a sign of pica. Let's see some common non-food items that dogs eat.


Sometimes many dogs start eating grass, which is safe for them as long as their blades are not heavily coated in chemicals. Dogs can eat grass for many reasons, such as due to boredom, for enjoyment, or get more fiber in their gastrointestinal tract. So, if you are also observing that your dog is also building the habit of eating the grass, you can contact your vet.


Yes, you read it right; many dogs also eat their own poop, which is very embarrassing for many dog owners. This unpopular and disgusting habit of the dogs keeps them eating poop. It's very common and even known as "Coprophagia" in its own term. This behavior of the dogs can be due to a combination of psychological and genetic factors. It's generally for dogs, but poop can contain viruses, toxins, and parasites, which can be harmful to dogs. Sometimes dogs develop this habit due to the lack of food sources. So, make sure to offer the food to your dog regularly on their time. But some physical reasons can also be responsible for the dog's poop eating, which include the following.

  • Cushing's disease
  • Diabetes
  • Deficiency of calories and nutrients
  • Steroids and other medications
  • Parasites
  • Thyroid disease and other conditions

Some behavioral factors can also be responsible for your dog's poop eating, which include the following.

  • Anxiety
  • Rocks
  • Attention seeking
  • Boredom
  • Restrictive confinement
  • Isolation
  • Inappropriate association with real food

If your dog is also playing and eating with rocks, this can be a real health concern. Rock chewing can lead them to teeth damage and gum issues. The choking hazards of rocks are also very dangerous for them. Your dog may feel anxious, boredom, and need some attention if he is doing all of these things.


Many dogs also eat dirt. This behavior of dogs can vary due to various scents which emanate from various areas of the field behind your houses, such as a pile of mulch in your backyard or a forest floor. Don't worry if your puppy is eating a small amount of dirt, but eating too much dirt can lead them to various health problems in their digestive tract. If you think your puppy is eating too much dirt, discuss this behavior with your vet.

Different ways to stop your dog from eating everything 

It's common for dogs to try to eat everything. But if you think your dog is eating unusual things regularly, you have to stop him from doing that. Fortunately, you can try out the following things to stop your dog from eating unusual things.

  • Make sure there is no unusual thing accessible for your dogs in your house, such as rocks, poops, and other items. If these things are not easily accessible, your dog will definitely not eat them.
  • Try to teach some common commands to your dog, such as drop it and leave it. These are some of the essential commands for every dog to learn. You can tell your dog to drop it whenever you see your dog is trying to eat anything unusual.
  • Try to keep your pup busy with different healthy activities such as exercise and enrichment throughout the day. Busy dogs are less likely to build unusual habits.
  • Take your dog to your vet to find the solution to the unusual behavior of your dog. Try to discuss everything with your vet about the dog's unusual behavior.
  • Make sure to reward your dog for paying special attention to your commands.
  • Try to spend maximum playing time with your dog. This will reduce the dog's boredom and anxiety, which ultimately lead them to a healthier life.


Many dog individuals love to explore everything they find at home. Sometimes they start eating strange things such as dirt, poop, grass, and many other unusual things. Don't worry if your dog is also showing this behavior, as it's common for many dog breeds. But if you regularly notice this behavior of your dog, try to contact the vet. Make sure your dog doesn't spend too much time alone as it can lead them to boredom and anxiety.


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