If you are looking for the best dog breeders in Calgary? You are at the right place. In this article, we will list the best dog breeders in Calgary. We know sometimes it’s hard for people to choose the right breeders in the presence of many inexperienced dog breeders. But you don’t need to worry; we have done all the research work and talked with many professionals to come up with the list of best dog breeders in Calgary. All the below breeders are known for providing the great four-leg family members in Calgary. Sometimes they also ship their puppies throughout Canada.

We have also made a list of the best dog breeders in Canada for the people looking for a dog throughout Canada. So, if you belong anywhere from Canada, you can also check out this breeders list. The below list is specifically for the people looking to own a dog near Calgary. Let’s start with the list of best dog breeders in Calgary.

1. Canadian Frenchie’s

Canadian Frenchie’s is a home-based breeder of French Bulldog puppies. They are in Calgary, AB, and Barrie, ON, Canada. They started this breeding program as a family as they love their exceptional dogs. Today, they are directly serving the buyers in Calgary and in the surrounding areas. No matter where you are living in North and Central Canada, they will bring the puppy for you. As a home breeder, they personally care for all of their puppies and ensure that the families get the best four-leg family member. Their active households have a lot of children, cats, and other dogs. So, if you are looking especially to welcome a Frenchie into your home, these are the right choice for you. You can visit their website to check their past puppies, available puppies, and future breeding.

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2. French Bulldogs and More

French Bulldog and More is another French Bulldog breeder in Calgary. Pauline is the owner of this breeding program. She has a small in-home breeding facility. She is mainly focuses on their dog’s health, quality, and temperament and dedicated to the betterment of the breed. You can visit their website to check out their available puppies and upcoming litter. They have a specially dedicated gallery for their Bulldog puppies and adult French Bulldogs.

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3. Beinnein Kennels

Beinnein kennel is exclusively offering dogs in Calgary. The dog’s health, safety, and comfort are the very first priority of the Beinnein kennels. Their family owned the dogs for three generations. They have large indoor and outdoor areas for their dogs and rooms to run, play, and have fun. They provide special care to their older and disabled dogs. All of their dogs have access to their own private indoor and outdoor areas during the daytime. They also have full-service gentle grooming in their spa. Your pet will love it there. They offer the grooming services for all the dog breeds and coats. You can visit their website to check out their dogs, training, grooming, and other services they are offering. Feel free to email them or call to know anything about their breeding program.

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