Are you looking for a doggy daycare center in Canada? You are at the right place. Here we will help you to find the best dog daycare in Canada. It’s very important for those owners who are looking for short-term daytime care for their dogs. It’s slightly different from multi-day kennel boarding and pet sitting. But these are very similar to the regular daycare centers for children. The only difference is that these are especially for canines.

We have made it easier for you to choose the best dog daycare in Canada. We have researched a lot and talked with many professionals to come up with the list of best dog daycares in Canada. Let’s get started with the list of 10 best dog daycares in Canada.

1. Pinetree Pet Resort 

Pinetree Pet Resort

Carlos and veronica are the owners of this special resort. They came as immigrants from Mexico in 2000. This lovely resort is located in Guelph, Ontario. They have a veterinarian degree and have been working with different pets since 1986. They acquired the pet resort in 2005 and brought knowledge and experience in this field. Over the years, they have improved their facility safety and comfort of the cats and dogs. They have professional cat and dog grooming, doggie daycare, a fenced off-leash park, and a pet cemetery with funeral services. They provide the best services for you and your family pet in a family environment. So, you can say that your pet will find it all in one place.

  • Location: 5951 Highway #6, Guelph, ON N1H 6J2
  • Phone: 519-787-9934
  • Email: info@pinetreepetresort.ca

2. The Den Doggy Daycare

The Den Dog Daycare

Den doggy daycare is another lovely place for those canine owners who want to leave their canines when they don’t have time to spend with them. It’s good for the canines to spend time around someone rather than completely alone. The den doggy daycare has a friendly staff that always treat your pets as family member. They are trained in pet first aid and have well-established emergency protocols. They have a lot of experience in fostering, adoption, and veterinary services. Their partnership with Wild Paws and Co makes them one of the trusted service providers in the area. Their playground is divided into two play areas where your dog can spend some quality time.

  • Location: 5325 Harvester Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 5K4
  • Phone: (905) 631-5454
  • Email: Info@thedenburlington.ca

3. Loyalty Barkway Boarding Kennels 

Loyalty Barkway Boarding Kennels

It’s one of the best premiers for dogs located in Eastern Ontario. It’s situated on 68 acres just north of Lake Ontario. Their main goal is to offer the best experience for you and your lovely canine members. In addition to their kenneling and doggie daycare services, they also provide off-leash play, long walks, and full-grooming services to your lovely dog. They also provide behavioral training at their kennel and digital training online. Their complete services list includes the dog daycare, overnight boarding, dog walking, outdoor run, dog supplies, bathing and grooming, behavioral training, and online puppy training.

  • Location: 9675 HWY 33, BATH, ONTARIO K0H 1G0
  • Phone: 613-777-5024
  • Email: info@dogboardingkennels.ca

4. Petopia 


Petopia is a full-service facility that caters to all the needs of you and your canine companion. They are offering cage-free boarding, doggie daycare, obedience training, and grooming. This one-stop-shop provides the best fully holistic and positive approach to pet care and companionship. They are very dedicated to the health and well-being of the pets. You can leave your pup there when you have to go to work or travel. They have a trial day to know each other, learn about the individual needs of your four-legged friends, and some things related to your pet.

  • Location: 107 Crockford Blvd, Toronto, M1R3B7
  • Phone: 416.429.pets (7387)
  • Email: info@petopia.ca

5. Country Tails Doggie Daycare 

Country Tails Doggie Daycare

Country tails doggie daycare providing the best services in their area over the decade. They opened their doggie daycare doors in 2008, and since then providing the best environment for lovely pets. Their high standards include the care and dedication to creating a perfect place for the dogs to spend a lovely day. Their loving daycare program offers one-on-one snuggles, slow and safe socialization, size-appropriate playtime, and a personalized approach to client care. They are located at the Clappison Animal Hospital to ensure both safety and convenience for all of their clients.

  • Location: 780 Hwy#6, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 2Z7
  • Phone: 905-689-8005
  • Email: countrytails@clappisonvet.com

6. Social Pup Doggy Daycare 

Social Pup Doggy Daycare

Social pup doggy daycare believes in providing peace of mind to dog owners. They provide the best open and clean environment to pups with essential oils like lavender and orange. They cleaned out the accidental messes right away to ensure the better health of your pups. Their fully trained staff is very professional and loves the animals as a family members. They love all types of dogs, including the small, young, old, and big. So, whether you spend a night here or two, you can trust that your dog is in good hands. They believe in fun and safe experiences that your dog will enjoy. They always welcome the people to come and meet with their staff and ask any questions.

  • Location: 14799 Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario L4G 1N1, Canada
  • Phone: 9055033303
  • Email: leanne@socialpup.ca

7. Furry Friends Doggy Daycare 

Furry Friends Doggy Daycare

Furry friend’s doggy daycare provides excellent care for your furry friends. They were established in 2003, and since then, offering the best services in its area. They have plenty of play spaces and rest areas for your lovely canines. All of their services are available, including the daycare, grooming, and owner dawn offers for your lovely canine friends. Safety is their top priority, and they have the best staff who is truly devoted to giving the best care to your pup. They strive to provide a safe, secure, and fun-filled experience for all of their fabulous fur friends.

  • Location: 955 Century Dr, Burlington, ON L7L 5J8, Canada
  • Phone: (289) 828-1367
  • Email: furryfriendsdoggiedaycare@gmail.com

8. Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare 

Wag Awhile Doggie Daycare

Wag awhile doggie daycare is offering the best doggie daycare services in their area. They have a low pet-to-staff ratio, which ensures the care of each poet separately. Their registered technician on-site with a veterinary assistant provides the best environment for your pups. You can say that it’s a one-stop-shopping, which provides the outdoor play area, senior center, specially designed flooring, medical boarding, large glass front boarding, and daily activity programs. Their price can vary depending upon the time you want to leave your pet in doggie daycare.

  • Location: 570C Steven Court, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y6Z2
  • Phone: 905-836-9247
  • Email: info@wagawhile.ca

9. Dogdays Daycare 

Dogdays Daycare 

Cristina and Tianna are the owners of this lovely doggie daycare. It’s one of the perfect doggie daycares for your lovely pup. They have many years of dog experience along with many facilities for your dog. All of their staff members are trained and love canine members. They ensure that proper knowledge and protocols are put in one place. It’s perfectly designed to be a safe and fun place for dogs to play. Their indoor facility always keeps the climate-controlled. They have over 1000 sq ft of area for the dogs to play the different games such as fetch and other games with their passionate staff members. But dog safety is their utmost priority.

  • Location: 7611 Pine Valley Drive, Unit 5 & 6, Vaughan, ON L4L 0A2
  • Phone: (905) 850-6262
  • Email: dogdaysdaycareinc@gmail.com

10. Rover’s Ranch Dog Daycare 

Rover's Ranch Dog Daycare

Rover’s ranch dog daycare is one of those places that you should visit. Their quality, cleanliness, and sheer size of the facility and yards are perfect for dogs to spend their day. They provide a fantastic experience for your four-leg furry friends. Your dog will definitely love their large, clean, and climate-controlled facility. Their knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff provides great attention to your lovely furry friends. Their gigantic, beautiful yard with grass, trees, stones, and a doggy playground is very attractive for your canine friends. They have specially designed their place by keeping the dogs in mind.

  • Location: 212 Norfolk St, Stratford, ON N5A3Z2
  • Phone: (519) 271-51212
  • Email: roversranchstratford@gmail.com


Hope, you find the best dog daycare for your lovely canine. We have researched a lot and talked with many dog owners to come up with the best dog daycares. All the above-listed doggie daycares have a reputation in their areas for their lovely facilities and services. But make sure to choose the right one which perfectly suits you according to your location in Canada. You really don’t want to spend too much time dropping and picking your lovely canine.

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