Are you looking for the best dog breeders in Australia? You are at the right place. In this article, we will list the best dog breeders in Australia. There are plenty of breeders that are offering different dog breeds throughout Australia. But you can’t simply buy a puppy from anyone. Many seasonal breeders are also in the town. So make sure to do proper research. But you don’t need to worry about it. We are here to save your time. We have done independent research and come up with the best dog breeders in Australia.

All of the below breeders are known for providing the best companion puppies to families. We have talked with some actual buyers and tried to list the reputable breeders in our list. Some of these breeders also provide many other dog relating services with their puppies. You can also check for these services accordingly. Let’s see the list of best dog breeders in Australia.

1. Australian Cobberdogs 

Australian Cobberdogs are located in New South Wales, Australia. Mellodie is the owner of this breeding program. She has a special love of grooming and presentation. Australian Cobberdogs are the originator, founder of the original Australian Labradoodle, and co-founder of the unique Australian Cobberdog. 

They specialize in Border collie and smaller sizes and don’t breed the standard size dogs.

The medium size dogs are also occasionally available. They raise the world of dog breeding and competing. They ensure everything about the buyer to send their puppies in the lovely homes. Visit their website to see their puppies and know more about their adoption process.


Phone: 612-6633-15-23

2. Cavoodle World

Cavoodle World breeders are located at Maroota NSW, Australia. They specialize in breeding a lovely toy Cavoodles, which is a hybrid of purebred King Charles spaniel and a poodle. They only bred the 1st cross to ensure that the breed didn’t have any hereditary problems. Occasionally they also have purebred King Charles spaniel. 

All of their dogs are screened for hereditary diseases to ensure healthy puppies. 

Their puppies come with a complete vet check, two months of free pet insurance, a microchip, 1st vaccination, and de-worming. You can visit their website to check out their puppies for sale and previous puppies.

Phone: 02 4566 8230

3. Puppies Downunder Australia 

Puppies Downunder Australia is a family-owned breeding program located near Morwell in Victoria. They have 45 years of experience in raising, breeding, and training dogs. These are the professional and ethical breeders that have a great knowledge of dogs. 

They are very concerned about the health and well-being of their dogs. 

All of their 15 employees are well-trained and experienced in providing great dogs to families. Their mission is to breed for excellence, health, intelligence, and temperament. Visit their website to see their previous puppies and the puppies for sale. You will get lifetime support from them after getting a puppy.


Phone: 0499912709

4. German Shepherd World

German Shepherd world breeders are located in Maroota, NSW, Australia. These are the old-style German Shepherd specialist raising these cute dogs as part of their family. They only sell their puppies to the families who wanted their dogs for their lifetime, not just wanted to have them during their holidays. 

Their price is $3000 for short coat puppies and $3400 for long coat puppies. 

All of their puppies come to you with 1st vaccination, microchip, intestinal worm, and heartworm schedule. They safely invite the families for a visit to check out their facilities. Visit their website to check out their previous puppies and mums and dads.

Phone: 02 4566 8230

5. Dogs West 

Dogs west are located at Southern River WA, Australia. Their main purpose is the preservation of purebred dogs and the health, well-being, and enjoyment of all dogs. They ensure that each of their dogs gets a responsible owner. 

They provide a range of services nd activities to enable their dog owners to better understand and appreciate the enormous potential their best friend has to offer. 

They have a large under-covered, hard-surfaced area for exhibition. You can get a perfect, well-socialized, and happy puppy from them. Visit their website to see the puppies and facilities that are offered by the dogs west.


Phone: 08 9455 1188

6. Billabong Creek Kennels 

Billabong Creek kennels are located at Willung South VLC, Australia. They have been breeding the Spoodles and Cavoodles since 1993. The main purpose of breeding these dogs is great temperament, soundness, and hybrid vigor to ensure the long-term good health and happiness of the puppies. 

All of their parents are selected depending upon their social nature to ensure the perfect puppies.

You will get a microchipped, vaccinated, and vet checked puppy from them with a 3-year health guarantee. They allow their farm visit to check their facility. You can also visit their website to check the pictures of their dogs and puppies.

Phone: 0351942374

7. Kiteroa Golden Retrievers 

Kiteroa Golden Retrievers are located at Spring Terrace NSW, Australia. They are breeding one of the best Golden Retrievers in Australia. You can get a perfectly well-socialized and healthy puppy from them. 

All of their puppies are vet checked and health guaranteed to ensure the health of their puppies. 

See the update section of their website to know about any of their upcoming puppies and any other update related to their puppies. You can also check out their previous puppies and dogs by visiting their gallery section.

Phone: 0434 524 900

8. Enigma Spoodles 

Enigma Spoodles are located at Dural NSW, Australia. They have been breeding the family pets for over 30 years. They have been producing the poodle crosses since 1995 and Cocker Spaniels since 2011. 

You will get a well-socialized and healthy puppy from them with a health guarantee.

They are specially producing the puppies for the families who wanted the smaller pet. You can visit their website to see all of their breeding dogs to get some idea about their puppies. They allow the people to get in touch to get any of the information related to their breeds and puppies.

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