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Are you looking for Cavapoo Breeders in Ontario? You are at the right place as here we will tell you about Ontario's top 6 Cavapoo breeders. We hope the below list helps you to find your dream breeder. We have mainly listed these breeders depending upon their popularity among people. We also talk with some buyers to generate an ideal list for our readers. Our main purpose is to help people to choose the right four-leg friend for their families.

The list focuses on the Cavapoo breeders, which is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and Poodle. They are typically small and love to play outside. These are perfect for families looking for a small, low-shedding, and hypoallergenic dog. However, you need to research first before choosing your breeder as many reputable Cavapoo breeders in Ontario. We did everything for you and listed Ontario's top 10 Cavapoo breeders. Follow the below list to know about these breeders.

Stoney Acre Puppies

Stoney Acre Puppies is located in Bancroft, Ontario. They offer quality, home-raised, and well-socialized puppies for the families of Ontario and across Canada. They mainly focus on the health of their puppies and their family orientation. You will get a fully vaccinated puppy from them with year-long health insurance. Their breeding program specializes in raising the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Cavapoo puppies in Ontario. All of their puppies are ready to join their families at the age of eight weeks. 

They charge $15 per day for extra days in their kennel, which include the puppy food, playing in a familiar environment, exposure to outside house training.

Location: Bancroft, Ontario


Pleasant Meadows Cavapoo Breeders

Pleasant Meadows, Located in Central Ontario, Canada. They have been raising the Cavapoo puppies in Ontario for more than 11 years. They have a small farm dedicated to raising the high-quality, well socialized Cavapoos puppies. Moreover, they are the first breeders in Ontario, Canada, to raise the Cavapoos. Their puppies are perfect for families as they are raised in a home and family environment. If you are looking to have a Cavapoo puppy from them, you can see the puppies' pictures and event the puppy room on their website. They also breed the multi-generation Cavapoos, which give flexibility in traits. 

They ensure the health and happiness of their puppies and expect the same from their buyers as well.

Location: Central Ontario

Three Shades Cavapoos

Three Shades Cavapoos, located in Ontario, BC, specializes in producing energetic and easygoing puppies for families. They have been bred for health and temperament and are proud of their outstanding client satisfaction. They have been offering their services for more than 25 years. If you are looking to own a puppy from them, you can check their puppy's picture on their website. They believe in proper checkups of their parents before breeding to ensure their puppies' health. Their Cavapoo puppies come in a variety of colors and in unique patterns. 

They are very sensitive about their puppies and believe in providing the best puppies to families.

Location: Toronto Ontario


A & R Country Kennel

A & R Country Kennel is located in Herman, Ontario, and works for several poodle crosses, including the Cavapoo. They breed the low-shedding Cavapoos that are healthy, friendly, and smart. Their puppies are a great addition to any family. 

The health of the puppies is their primary concern. 

They started their business in 2001 and specialized in other poodle crosses, including the Bernedoodle, Cockapoo, Schnoodle, and Shihpoo. All of their puppies are very easy to train due to their socialized nature and intelligent behavior. You can visit their website to check out the puppies' images for sale and contact them for further information.

Location: Herman, Ontario


Cavapoos of Ontario

Cavapoos of Ontario is located in Jennifer-Georgina, Ontario. They have a small family-owned business and breeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Toy Poodles in the past. All of their puppies are devoted to their owners with excellent temperaments as they are raised in a perfect family environment. They believe in providing the best puppies to families with the best health. It's one of the best Cavapoo breeders in Ontario, which can provide the best companion for your family. They don't have any outdoor kennels, and their puppies were born and raised at their home. 

Make sure some training treats, toys, collar or leash, food, and a hairbrush before bringing your puppy home.

Location: Georgina, Ontario


Spruce Ridge Kennels

Spruce Ridge Kennels is located in the north of Kitchener/Waterloo, Toronto, Ontario. They are working with many crossbreeds, including the Cavapoo. They raised their puppies at their homes for your homes. It's recommended to buy the puppies from them, especially for the families. They believe in the proper testing of their parents before breeding to provide the best companions to the families. If you are looking to buy a puppy from them, you can contact them on their phone number from Monday to Saturday. 

They are only available on their phone number.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Phone Number: (519) 698-9918

We hope the above list helps you to find your best Cavapoo breeder in Ontario without wasting further time. So, don't waste your time and find your puppy sooner rather than later. It's an exciting time to get a puppy. However, you need to be careful as many seasonal breeders are also there. Make sure to find your perfect breeder and trust them before contacting them. You can visit their website and social media pages and read about their reviews section to see their customer's reviews.

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