Jumping on people is a natural behavior of many canines, including dogs. They wanted to say hello to their owners face to face when they jumped. Many people try to yell at their dogs to stop them from this kind of behavior. Some also enjoy their dog jumping. Dogs jumping indicates that your dog needs some attention most of the time. 

But it can be very dangerous for the children and those who are not expecting this kind of behavior. So, you need to stop your dog from jumping on people. The good news is that you can stop your dog from jumping on people. You must train your dog according to stop them from jumping on people. First, we need to understand why dogs jump up?

Why do dogs Jump Up?

The number of theories is there about dogs jumping on people. One of the most popular theories is that dogs jump due to their dominance and greeting behaviors. 

Maybe your dog is jumping to say hello and wants to seek attention. 

In that case, any type of attention from you may your dog consider a reward. You need to reward more to your canine to keep his four paws on the ground. Let’s see how you can keep your dog on the ground.

Key Points to stop the dog jumping

You can teach your dog to keep all four paws on the ground. You need to place the treats on the ground during greetings and reward them even before jumping. This idea will prevent your dog from jumping and prevent them from leaving its ground.

Withhold attention

You can teach your dog not to jump on people by withholding your attention. You can do this in two different ways.

·  Firstly, you can turn your back while your dog jumps up. So, some aggression by crossing your arms over your chest without making any sound. If the dog runs around to jump, turn the other way and wait for your dog to stop jumping.

·  The second way involves the separation of all together. If your dog jumps up, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Simply walk out of the room. Wait some time and step back into the room. Try to repeat this process until your dog calms down and stops jumping.

Reward good behavior

Always keep some treats with you when you are working on preventing your dog from unwanted jumping. As soon as your try to jump up with all four paws, put some treats in front of him. Also, praise him for keeping things low-key. Sometimes too much jumping and attention stimulate another round of jumping from the dogs.

Keep Practicing

You need to understand that practice makes your dog perfect. Try to set up the situation to help your dog to learn things. If your dog jumps up on you when you come home, you can spend a few minutes coming and going several times a day in your home. 

Make sure to don’t make a big fuss and step back outside if your dog jumps up.

Add a sit command

When your dog learns to keep his four paws on the ground for some time, you can start asking it to sit. Whenever you walk into the room, give him the command “sit.” If he follows the instructions, give him a treat. Try to do these types of training sessions several times a day. Hopefully, with plenty of reputations, your dog will learn to stay on the floor as soon as you walk through the door or enter the room.

Practice with other people

You need to involve your friends and family members as well in your dog training to make it perfect for the outdoor. This type of training helps your dog to keep his paws down irrespective of who comes into the room.

Things you don’t need to do

Above, we have discussed some best methods to keep the dog on the ground. But some people also use other methods like they use the leash to pull or yank to get the dog off from the other people. There are several problems with these methods.

·  The leash or the knee correction of the tour dog can injure them too harshly or improperly.

·   You may knock your dog down by putting the knee on their chest, but the dog may interpret it as your way of initiating play. Your dog may jump up again to continue the game because you are actually reinforcing the behavior you are trying to stop.

·     The leash stops may only teach your dog to stop jumping when he is on a leash. But actually, dogs are not leashed 24/7. So the chances of your dog jumping are very high when he is not leashed.

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