Dog hair fall is a natural process for the dogs to get rid of their lost hair. It's also very important for their skin and fur health. But sometimes, it's very frustrating for their owners. The amount of dog hair fall depends upon various factors such as time of the year, dog breed, and the dog's coat type. Many dog breeds shed their hair during the summer to reduce the heat generation and regrow the lost hairs to thicker their coat for the approaching winter. But the excessive shedding can be due to some health conditions in your dog.

If you are worried about the hair fall of your dog, it's glad to know that you can control it. First, you can choose a dog breed that is hypoallergenic as these are less shedding than the other dog breeds. In this article, we will see how you can prevent your dog from hair fall?

1. Regular Brushing

Brushing is an important part of every dog's routine, especially for those breeds that shed more. So, make sure to give a vigorous brushing to your dog every day. If your dog has sensitive skin, try to use a rubber bathing glove.

2. Use a de-shedding tool

This tool gently removes the lost hairs from the dogs. It's minimized the number of flying hairs around your home. Make sure to don't be hard on your dog with this tool.

3. Fatty Acid Supplement

Dog's daily food also plays an important role in their skin health. You can add the natural fatty acid supplement to your dog's daily diet plan, such as paratenic natural products.

4. Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is very important for the overall health of your dog. Always try to feed the recommended dog food at the right time with the right quantity.

5. Use covers

To prevent the excess accumulation of dog hairs, you can use the removable covers on your furniture.

6. Regular vacuuming

Use the regular vacuum once or twice a week. It's important to free your house from dog hairs.

7. Control itching and scratching

Sometimes the allergies are responsible for the dog's hair fall, so make sure to keep the allergies and fleas at bay. You can treat the dog with anti-flea remedies such as Fiprotrol plus.

8. Regular Bathing

Regular baths keep your dog free from skin irritations. Make sure to use the recommended dog shampoo to retain your dog's coat. After bathing, give the brisk brush immediately as the maximum amount of shedding occurs just after a bath.

9. Regular checkups

Regular checkups are also mandatory to ensure your dog is free from skin diseases. Moreover, the vets usually know about your dogs.

10. Early Removal

Try to remove the hairs early from the furniture as these are easy to remove as compared to the old-deposited dog hairs.

11. Use the right brushes

Use the right brushes depending upon the coat and skin type of your dog. A suitable brush is necessary to get optimal results.

Some Important FAQs About Dog Hair Fall:-

What Months do dogs Shed?

Dog's shed seasonally; you may notice that most shedding occurs during the spring and fall. In spring, dogs shed their coat to prepare for warm weather. You may also see a change in your dog coat in fall in preparation for winter.

How long does a dog shedding last?

Usually, the double-coated breeds shed their coat twice a week, in the fall and spring. Their peak shedding seasons last in 2 to 4 weeks. You can expect a big change in your dog coat during this season.

Does shedding make a dog itchy?

Shedding can be very uncomfortable, itchy, and can cause skin complications. It means that shedding is necessary for dogs to get rid of their useless hairs.

Does bathing dogs help with shedding?

Yes, bathing dogs help them to remove their dead hairs. The shampoos and conditioners help them to loosen and remove the dog's excess undercoat. So, make sure to regularly bath and groom your dog.

Can I vacuum my dog?

Don't use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum your dog as the suction power can hurt them. Only use the specially created dog attachments to prevent them from any danger.


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