Dogs are everywhere and capable of biting, regardless of their size and breed. Even the friendly and nicest dogs can also bite when injured or afraid. So, it’s important to know about the dog’s behavior and the different reason for their biting. Although dog owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior, children and adults need to learn how to keep themselves safe around the dogs. Fortunately, you can stop your dog from biting by taking the proper measure.

Sometimes the mouthing is normal behavior, but some dogs bite out of fear or frustration. This type of biting can indicate problems. Maybe you can’t differentiate between normal play mouthing and aggressive mouthing. 

Make sure to concentrate on its body and face. 

If they have relaxed and faces, you don’t need to worry about it. This type of playful biting is less painful than serious biting. The aggressive dogs usually wrinkle their muzzle and pull back their tips to expose their teeth. Let’s see the different reasons for dogs biting.

Why do dogs bite?

Most dogs bite people when they feel any kind of threat. So, it’s important to know why the dogs provoke their aggressive behavior.

·  Dogs are very aggressive in defending themselves or any member of their pack. Mother dogs are very aggressive in protecting their puppies.

·  If you are starling a dog or approaching it from behind, it can provoke aggressive behavior.

·  Dogs can also provoke a bite when you are running away from it, even during playtime.

·  A dog in a fearful situation can bite anyone who approaches it. Normally, these situations occur along the road or in loud noise.

·  A dog in pain is more aggressive than in any other situation. Even their favorite people should be avoided during these types of situations.  

How to Stop dog Bites?

Dog owners need to take responsibility and train their dogs to keep them under control all the time. The first line of defense is to prevent dog bites. You need to do whatever you can do to prevent the people from biting. Let’s see how you can stop your dog from biting.

·   Start your dog training during its early life and keep it throughout its life. You can use the reinforce training to teach the lessons easily.

·  Early socializing is also necessary. Try to interact your dog with different people, including children, disabled people, and older people as well under calm and positive circumstances.

·   You have exposed it to different situations, including the other dogs, pets, loud noises, large machines, bicycles, or anything else in your home, which can cause frustration for your dog.

·   If you can’t control your dog during these types of situations, try to remove it before things get worse.

·   Don’t use physical, violent, or aggressive punishment to discipline your dog. Try to use positive reinforcement, praise, and treats before using the shock collars and loud noises. For more effective behavior, try to constantly reward your dog for desirable behavior.

·   Try to keep your dog on a leash or in a fenced area. Know the permitted areas well before letting them there. Try to keep their sight all the time.

·   If you know that your dog has fearful and aggressive tendencies, don’t allow it to approach people and other animals. You can also use the muzzle if necessary.

·  Visit your vet routinely for a wellness checkup and keep your dog’s vaccination current.

What to do if your dog bite someone?

It’ very important to act quickly if your dog bite someone. Firstly, you need to confine the dog and then immediately assist the victim. Wash the bite thoroughly with the warm water and soap and then seek the immediate medical attention.

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