The dogs are a perfect addition to any family who loves the four-leg family members. If you are looking for a lovely and fun dog breeder in Ontario, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best dog breeders in Ontario. We researched a lot and listed the best one, especially if you are looking for a dog for your family.

All of the below breeders are known for producing great companions for the families. We believe that the families always want a breeder who gives them a healthy and happy dog that stays fit and active for a long time. Let’s get started with the list of well reputable breeders in Ontario.

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Hearts Delite Havanese Ontario  

It’s a small Havanese dog breeder in Ontario, Canada. They are dedicated to producing healthy and well-tempered Havanese for families. Although they specialize in Havanese but also raised the Golden Retrievers and Newfoundland breeds. He started breeding in 1987 but took his job seriously after 2013 when his children became adults.

They pay special attention to their dogs and make sure their good health, temperament, breeding, and socializing. 

They believe in taking care of the mental and physical health of their puppies; that’s why they provide them a great environment.

Location: Caledon, Ontario


Stoney Acre Puppies Ontario 

It’s a Bancroft, Ontario-based breeder of lovely Cavapoo puppies. If you are looking for a well home raised and well socialized Cavapoo puppy, this is going to be the best choice for you. Their puppies are family-oriented with perfect health conditions and temperament. Other than the Cavapoo, they also raise the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Their puppies are ready to go to their homes after eight weeks. 

You need to arrange an extra $15 per day after eight weeks.

Location: Bancroft, Ontario


Willowbrook Kennel Ontario 

The primary purpose of the willow brook kennel is to provide you with some healthy puppies. They have been breeding the Maltipoo dogs for many past years. All of their puppies are bred and raised in an airy, bright, clean, and health inspected kennel. They provide a complete, friendly, and family environment in their kennel. That’s why their puppies are well socialized and obedient.

Location: Waterloo, Ontario


In The Pink Golden Retrievers Ontario

They are located in the north of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Sandar Pink is the owner and a member of the Canadian Kennel Club. They make their puppies very friendly, which can prove a great addition to any family. Their main aim is to raise a well-socialized and healthy puppy. 

They believe in choosing the parents carefully so that they can get the perfect puppies.

Location: North of Barrie, Ontario


Chocolate Labrador Retriever Ontario 

It’s a purebred Labrador Retriever breeder in Ontario who has been breeding this special breed for 50 years. They committed to producing the perfect Labrador Retrievers with excellent health, outstanding intelligence, and temperament. Every puppy of the chocolate Labrador Retrievers is guaranteed healthy and intelligent, which makes them perfect hunting dogs. 

You will get a puppy from Chocolate Labrador Retrievers with 4 year written guarantee.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Royal Frenchies Ontario 

It’s a French Bulldog breeder with a small place and is a selected CKC registered French Bulldog Breeder in Ontario. They are famous for producing excellent lovely French Bulldogs. You can get a well-socialized, well healthy, and loving puppy from Royal Frenchies. Their French Bulldogs are their family; they believe that there is no difference between French Bulldogs and humans. 

Their main purpose is to improve this specific breed by selecting the perfect parents.

Location: Ontario


Labradoodles by Cucciolini Ontario 

It’s a Labradoodle breeder in Ontario, which raises the happy and healthy F1B Labradoodles with medium to standard size. Their main purpose is to provide the best Labradoodles to families. Their puppies can easily adjust in families as they strive day and night to produce the puppies that can easily adjust in the families. Don’t worry about their socialization as all of their puppies are well-tempered and socialize. You can get the different colors from them, including chocolate, reds, apricot, cream, cafĂ©-au-late, and parti. 

If you are looking to get a puppy from them, you will get a two-year Genetic Health Guarantee.

Location: Grimsby, Ontario, Canada


Pets in the Country Ontario 

It’s a famous Cockapoo dog breeder in Ontario whose form is spread over 64 acres of land. Their puppies use this land for long walks and fun. The natural environment of their farm makes it very easy to train their dogs. Their loving and caring environment makes their puppies perfect for families. They have an organized timetable for a walk, food, bath, and training, which makes their puppies grow in an organized way.

Location: Millgrove, Ontario


Trams CKC Registered Shih Tzu Ontario 

It’s a small registered Shih Tzu breeder in Ontario, which is a member of the Canadian Kennel Club. All of their individuals are well-socialized and very loving with the children. They carefully select their dogs to ensure their perfect health. If you are looking for a perfect companion dog for your family, you can get a puppy from them. You can get a puppy from them with a starter kit, which includes the information, toys, and food.

Location: Niagara Falls, Ontario


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