California State is so big; it's not so simple to find a perfect dog breeder here. But it's not too hard as well due to a lot of quality and responsible breeders. This article has made it easier for you by listing the best dog breeders in California. We have compiled all the best breeders from California who love to take pride in their work and prioritize health. All of the below breeders are AKC members, which means they are passing all the required inspections.

We have done independent research and visited the different kennels personally to ensure their quality of breeding. We don't include the small backyard breeders or puppy mills, whose main focus is to earn money irrespective of the dog's health. So follow the below list to choose the best breeder of your choice according to their specialties. Let's get started.

Golden Meadows Retrievers California 

If you are looking for a Golden Retriever dog, these are going to be the best choice for you in California. They have more than 25 years of experience in producing the Golden Retrievers. Their puppies are an ideal addition to any family due to their lively personalities and moderate temperaments. They take of many factors while crossing their dog to get the perfect puppies for the families. 

You will get a three-year health guarantee against genetic hip, heart, and eye defects from them.

Location: Moorpark, California


Beachwood Canyon Cockapoos of California 

They are based in Beverly Hills, Southern California, and specialize in producing Cockapoos. All of their puppies are members of their families; that's why they are restricted to selling their puppies only to homes. You can get the F1 generation and Multigen Cockapoo puppies from them with a toy, miniature, and standard sizes. 

They don't allow too many people on their property to reduce the spreading of germs in puppies.

Location: Beverly Hills near Los Angeles


Golden Heart Doodles California 

These are the most reputable Cavapoo breeders in California with a vast experience of 30 plus years. They also have extensive experience with other breeds, including the Yorkshire Terriers, Lhasa Apsos, and Shetland Sheepdogs. Although many breeds are available, but they mainly focus on mixed breeds, which are Cavapoo and the Cavapoochon. They believe that their low-scale business is perfect for taking care of each of their puppies. You will get a puppy from them with a one-year health guarantee and genetic health conditions. 

Moreover, the most important reason for their popularity is their reasonable prices.

Location: Central Valley California


Woodcreek Ranch Bernedoodles California 

It's a home-raised bernedoodle breeder who comes with a pure lineage of Poodle and Bernese Mountain dog. Their dogs are certified by the Hip and Elbow Orthopedic Foundation for animals, genetic testing for DM, and VWB.

Location: Woodcreek Ln, Wildomar, CA 92595


Stew's Poos of Central California 

It's another Cockapoo breeder on the list, which is located in Watford Heights, California. They are registered with the County of Kern and comply with the rules laid by the County. It's another breeder on the list who specializes in producing Cockapoo dogs. A good-looking and healthy cockapoo from them can cost you around #1500, and you have to deposit 20% to reserve your puppy. This amount will be deducted from the final price. You will get a one-year's warranty from them.

Location: California


Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers California 

It's another breeder on the list who is offering good quality and well-socialized Golden Retrievers. Exactly they are from Newcastle, Northern California. They work with each buyer individually to provide them a perfect puppy according to their environment. They maintain their breeding standards by choosing the top health, temperament, and beautiful individuals. 

The Classic heritage breeders ensure all the rigorous requirements, which are necessary for high standards.

Location: Newcastle, California


The Bay Area Bulldogs California 

The Bay Area dog breeders are full of dog lovers who have more than 16 years of Bulldog breeding experience. Their name is actually associated with the bay area, California, where they are located. They treat each of their puppies as a family member and raise them with the utmost care. 

Most of their individuals are raised around the children and have good health. The stud services are also available there.

Location: Bay Area, California


Kingdom Acres Labradors 

Kingdom Acres Labradors are AKC breeders of merit and located in Victor Valley, California. They are dog-loving family breeders who love to produce the best Labradors for families. All of their puppies have a lot of fun during their stay at the breeder, playing outside and sleeping in the house at night. 

Each puppy is raised in the home rather than outside or in kennels.

Location: Victor Valley, California


Nuforest Dachshunds

These AKC breeders of merit have been breeding the Dachshunds since 1974. They are passionate about their work and attend lessons, lectures, and shows to learn more about their favorite dog breed. Their passion and education make their dogs ideal for families. 

They are always ready to answer any of the questions about their dogs.

Location: Ramona, California


Masse's Pudgy Pugs 

Masse's Pudgy Pugs are located in Mira Loma, California who take great pride in their breeding. Each of their pups is AKC registered and tested, and certified through UC Davis. They breed their dogs in their homes and always do their best to increase the breed standard and the betterment of all pugs.

Location: Mira Loma, California


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