If you are looking for Bernese Mountain dog breeders in the United States, you are at the right place as; in this article, we will list all the best Bernese Mountain dog breeders to make it easier for you. It's a pretty unique dog breed whose ancestors are related to the dog breed brought by the ancient Romans to Europe two thousand years ago. Today, this unique and beautiful dog breed is originated in Switzerland as a farm and working dog. In 1926, the first Bernese Mountain dog was brought to the US, which became one of the Americans' favorite pets and working dogs. People are much attracted to their charming, easy-going, and playful nature. 

Sometimes the Bernese Mountain dogs are also referred to as "Gentle Giants" due to their sweet and loving nature. Although it's a tough and sturdy dog breed that is always ready for new adventures but make sure their early training to prevent them from socializing issues. Let's get started to see the Top Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders in the USA.

1. DeerPark Dogs

Denise owns the DeerPark Dogs, which is in the Parks, AZ. 86018. She was a dog groomer before starting the dogs breeding. She was also been a judge in AKC conformation since 1997. All of their dogs are perfectly raised at home as family pets. She is ready to answer all of your questions related to their dogs and ensure the right homes for all of their dogs. 

They ensure the good health and temperament of their puppies.

Location: Parks, AZ. 86018


2. Relentless Ranch

Relentless Ranch is one of the top Bernese Mountain dog breeders in the United States. They are located outside Aspen, Colorado, at a farm of 2,60o acres. Usually, they raise all of their puppies at home to make them perfect family pets, but they also use their farm to work on their natural working and herding instincts. Their Bernese Mountain dogs are famous for competing in agility, performance, conformation, and obedience. Relentless Ranch is the breeders of the merit and AKC registered. 

They breed the puppies two times a year.

Location: Basal, CO. 81621


3. Rossingham Berners

Mark Ross is the owner of the Rossingham Berners and always tries to produce the puppies with good health and temperament to provide the best companions to the families. All of their dogs are health tested and registered with the Berner Garde Foundation. They utilize all socialization and desensitization techniques, including grooming, human and animal interactions, litter box training, and textile learning. They believe in never left their puppies alone in their kennels. 

You can buy a puppy from the Rossingham Berners with a year guarantee.

Location: Deerfield, OH 44411


4. MahaRaja Bernese Mountain Dogs

MahaRaja Bernese Mountain dogs are known for breeding under the AKC breeding standards. You can see their dogs in obedience, rally, and conformation. They are showing their dogs on these platforms for more than 30 years. These AKC breeders of merit are the owner of the Blue Ribbon K9 Academy. They ensure all the basic training and socializing of their puppies to make them perfect for the families. You need to weigh for ten weeks to bring your puppy home from the MahaRaja Bernese MountainDogs.  

They also ensure that their puppies go to safe and healthy forever homes.

Location: Charlotte, NC


5. Taplacs Berner Sennenhund

Taplacs Berner Sennenhhund is own by the Gali Taplac, who own the Bernese Mountain dogs since 1987. Their breeding focus is mainly the health and temperament of their puppies. They become champions in many countries around the world. They are mainly known for winning the Westminster Dog Show and Multiple Specialty Shows. 

Most of their puppies have gone on to be therapy and excel in obedience or cart work. 

You can feel free to contact the Taplacs Berner Sennenhund to buy health-certified puppies.

Location: Redding, CA 96003


6. Barefoot Springs

Barefoot springs raise their puppies with the other animals and livestock on a large-scale acreage area. All of their dogs are enrolled in the BernerGrade Foundation to ensure their health and genetic testing. Whenever you take your puppy from the Barefoot, they will include a puppy starter kit, their health records, puppy food, records of their vet visits, and a set of vaccines. They provide a one-year health guarantee for all of their puppies. 

They perfectly raise their puppies to make sure that the dog is used to touch, sound, and textiles.

Location: 315 Barefoot Springs Rd. Pelahatchie, MS 39145

Contact: (601) 946-6799

7. Magic Bernese Mtn. Dogs

Magic Bernese Mtn. Dogs are breeding the Bernese Mountain dog since 2000. They believe in regularly traveling the different countries to learn about this special breed and make them perfect for the families. They mainly focus on the improvement and preservation of this special breed. Their dogs are mainly raised as pet and companion dogs rather than show dogs. 

They always ensure that their puppies are not left alone whenever you bring their puppy home.

Location: Orange, CA. 92869


8. Tanzanite Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Tanzanite Bernese Mountain dogs are producing the champion Bernese Mountain dogs since 1994. They are the Bronze breeders of merit and believe in producing sound temperament and healthy puppies. All of their puppies are part of the Berner-Grade-the online health and pedigree database. 

They are competing with their dogs in AKC conformation, herding, obedience, rally, and BMDCA draft. 

Most of their puppies are placed as pets due to their perfect health and high quality. If you are looking to have a puppy from them, you need to pick it up as they are not offering shipping services.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80919


9. Linda Foti

Linda Foti is a breeder of merit from Rochester, New York, who is breeding the Bernese Mountain Dog for the past 30 years. Along with her husband, she is dedicated to producing the best quality Bernese Mountain dogs for families. They fed their puppies on a natural diet, including vegetables and meat, to make them perfect for the families. They also believe in socializing their puppies from an early age to make them perfect for the families. Linda Fotu raises their Bernese Mountain dogs around the kids and adults to make them perfect family dogs. 

Even their dogs also enjoy running with the alpaca and horses.

Location: Fairport, NY 14450


10. Bear Acres Kennels

Bear Acres Kennels are breeding and showing their puppies since 2000. These AKC breeders of the merit offer a 5-year guarantee for their puppies. All of their puppies get the vet NuVet Plus supplements, and you were encouraged at the time of purchase to follow this precedent. They extend the health guarantee of their puppies if you follow this routine. You can always visit the Bear Acres Kennels, except when they have newborn puppies. All of their puppies are health tested and cleared of genetic diseases. 

Occasionally, they also offer adult dogs for adoption.

Location: Bedford, KY 40006


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