Dog Grooming Tips and Tricks | 12 Tips for your Dog Grooming at Home

The regular grooming of the dogs of all the breeds is necessary to maintain their health and look. It helps the dogs to maintain their shiny, tangle-free coat, which also prevents the dogs from infections and skin issues. Regular grooming is also the best way to improve the bonding with cute family pets. 

Even if your dog has short hair, it needs regular brushing, bathing, and nail trimming. The longer hair dogs also need the proper clipping and hair trimming. You can also schedule regular appointments with the professional groomer for the grooming and the trimming of your dog. But the below-grooming tips and tricks even help you to groom your dog at home perfectly.

1. Develop a routine

You need to develop a routine for the regular grooming of your dog, which perfectly suits you and your dog as well. You can use the same shampoo, same bathing spot, and same steps every time to groom your dog. Clean every part of your dog, including the belly and face, and make sure to rice properly before washing. Make sure there is not any residue left behind on the dog's skin or in the coat. 

2. Properly choose the shampoo

There are a variety of canine shampoos, just like the humans, you need to on your needs. For example, you can choose flea shampoo to control the fleas. Similarly, the oatmeal-based shampoo can be used for dry skin. But if your dog has skin irritations, dandruff, or hot spots, then the medicated shampoo should be used. Puppies need some special type of shampoo, which won't make them tear up. In general, we can say that the oatmeal-based shampoo is the best basic choice. You can additionally use the conditioners if your dog has dry skin.

3. Deshedding

You need to shed the loss hairs of your dog. Take a comb or brush and work through the coat to get rid of the excess hairs from your dog's coat, as these are responsible for the mats and tangles. It's easier to do during the bathing rather than when the dog hairs dried.

4. Grooming Equipment

All the grooming equipment is very important, especially when you are trying to groom your dog yourself. You need to put all of the brushes, scissors, and trimmers near you when you are going to trim your dog. It makes it easier to groom the dog. Moreover, make sure to clean all the equipment after grooming to prolong the life of the tool.

5. Organize your equipment

To make it easier to groom your dog, you need to put all the grooming equipment in one place, including the shampoo, combs, brushes, scissors, and trimmers. There is a chance that your dog will escape when you search for the right pair of scissors.

6. Get a helping hand

Most of the dogs don't sit still for drying and trimming, so you may need a little help from anyone to control them. So a helping hand is useful during the grooming of your dog. It makes your job even easier and faster and also provides relief to your dog.

7. Dry the dog's coat before grooming

You need to thoroughly dry your dog coat before grooming, as the partially dried coat will tend to curl more. It makes it even difficult to trim the dog and also more uncomfortable for the dog. So, in that case, you can take one pass with the clippers rather than two.

8. Use the different clippers

You can use a pair of clippers and different blades to trim your dog. You can check the numbers on different blades; the number one blade is the shortest blade. If you want your dog coat long, you can use the blade numbers 5/8, 3, or 4, but for the shorter coat, you need to use blade numbers 5, 7, or 9, or 10. Make sure the blades are not too sharp like the skip-tooth blade and spaced a bit farther apart. You need to only use blade number 10 around the eyes and in the sanitary area.

9. Made the grooming easy  

You always need to make the grooming easy and simple to make it easier for the dogs. So always go with the lay of the hair when trimming. Make sure to keep the tip of the blade down against the skin and holding it back at an angle. When you move the trimmer along with the coat, pull the skin taut.

10. Trim the paws safely

You need to move your to the edge of the work surface if you want to trim between the pads or around the edge of the paws as it makes it easier to trim the paws. It makes it easier for you and your dog as well to trim the paws.

11. Choose the right tool for nail trimming

You need to choose the right tool for the nail trimming, from all the available electric Dremel-style tools to scissors and guillotine styles. You don't need to invest in an electric Dremel nail grinder. These are more expensive as compared to the usual nail trimmers.

12. Perfectly trim the nails

Nail trimming is very important for dogs; you need to start with the back paws as these are less sensitive as compared to the front paws. Make sure to hold the paws firmly with your hands, cut the ends of the nail, and below the quick at a 45-degree angle. You can make one larger cut or several small cuts depending upon your experience. You can cut the nails until you see a black dot at the center of the nails surrounded by white. 

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