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It’s always challenging to find a good reputable larger dog breeder due to the number of breeders in the industry. The main challenge is to find the best dog breeders in the presence of many inexperienced dog breeders. However, you always need to pick a reputable breeder to get a perfect dog for your family. 

There are many factors that you need to be considered while you are choosing a dog. These factors mainly include the health guarantees, health clearance, written bill of sale, return of puppy guarantee, vaccination, and age-appropriate sale. In this article, we are going to help you by listing the best large dog breeders. These are the best reputable breeders that can provide you the best puppy for your home.

1. CTC Aussies

CTC Aussies are specialized in producing the Australian Shepherd dog. They are AKC recognized and provide the best puppies to the families that undergo the hips and eyes test along with the OFA, CERF, MDR1, and HSF4. They are also recognized by the United States Australian Shepherd Association and the Western Washington Australian Shepherd Association. The CTC Aussies are in the Ellensburg, Washington.

Location: Ellensburg, Washington

Contact: (509) 962-8945

2. Farmhouse Hounds

Farmhouse Hounds are specialized in producing the Basset Hound. They bred their dogs from the imported championship European line dogs and American bred Bassets. It’s a small family own farmhouse, which the AKC recognizes. They are in the breeding business for 40 years. They are in the Jasper, Georgia.

Location: Jasper Georgia

Contact: (770) 655-3311

3. Ultimate Bulldogs

Ultimate Bulldogs are specialized in producing the Bulldogs. Their dogs undergo health testing through OFFA and Gensol. These are the show Kennels, and all of their puppies are AKC champions. They are also the member of the Bulldog Club of America, Long Island Bulldog Club, and The Capital Bulldog Club. The Ultimate Bulldogs are also known as Hall of the Fame Bulldog Breeders. They are located in New Milford, New Jersey.

Location: New Milford, New Jersey


4. Balgaire Cavaliers

Balgaire Cavaliers are specialized in producing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They provide the best dogs to their customer by applying all the health screens on their puppies as recommended by the parent club for this breed. They also provide a health guarantee for their puppies. They are the member of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club and the King Charles Spaniel Club of the Puget Sound. You don’t need to worry about these; these are the AKC-recognized breeders. The Balgaire Cavaliers are located in the Seabeck, Washington.

Location: Seabeck, Washington


5. Horizon Dobermans

Horizon Dobermans are specialized in producing the Doberman Pinscher. They are in Richmond, Texas. They always bred their dogs with health, type, and temperament in mind. It’s a special Doberman Pinscher Club of America. They are also recognized by the Doberman Pinscher Club of Houston and Houston Kennel Club.

Location: Richmond Texas

Contact: (281) 300-9472

6. Glenna Wright Bull Terriers

Glenna Wright Bull Terriers are specialized in breeding the Bull Terrier. They are located in Glenwood, Arkansas. Their puppies undergo health testing, including the echocardiogram, UPC ration, patella luxation clearance, and Baer testing. The Glenna Wright Bull Terriers are known for producing very good temperament show dogs. They are members of the Bull Terrier Club of America, BTC Dallas, and Texas Gulf Coast BTC members.

Location: Glenwood, Arkansas

Contact: (870) 356-4722

7. Vom Haus Hall

Vom Haus Hall is specialized in producing the German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. They are located in Reidsville, North Carolina. All of their dogs have parents that are certified with hips and elbows. You will get a totally healthy and hip guarantee puppy from the Vom Haus Hall. All of their German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds take part in the AKC conformation, agility, performance, obedience, and tracking.

Location: Reidsville, North Carolina


8. Nalyn’s Golden Retrievers

The Nalyn’s a are certified with OFA for their hips, elbows, and heart. They proudly take part in the rally, obedience, agility, and Confirmation. The Nalyn’s Golden Retrievers are members of the Golden Retriever Club, Valdosta Kennel Club, Inc., and are an AKC breeder of merit. They are located in Stoughton, WI.

Location: Stoughton, WI

Contact: (608) 873-7749

9. Daynakin Great Danes LLC

The Daynakin Great Danes LLC are specialized in producing the Great Danes. They are located in Ferndale, Washington. All of their Great Danes have OFA certified for their hip x-rays, thyroid, and cardiac tests. They take part in the Conformation, agility, and performance. They are also the member of the Great Dane Club of America, Inc., Willamette Valley Great Dane Club, and Inland Northwest Great Dane Club.

Location: Ferndale, Washington

Contact: (888) 219-7846

10. Legends Greyhound

The Legends Greyhound belongs to Austin, Texas, and specialized in producing the Greyhounds. They are known as reputable dog breeders in Texas. They ensure the health of their dog parents to ensure their healthier puppies. The Legend Greyhounds are members of the Greyhound Club of America and Travis County Kennel Club. They proudly take part in the Conformation.

Location: Austin, Texas


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