National dog day is celebrated on 26th August of each year. It’s the best opportunity for dog lovers who love their four-leg family members. You may currently have your beloved dog, or it’s passed away; you always love to celebrate their day. 

You can celebrate their day in many ways, as the best part about them is that they are not super picky about gifts and treats. Whatever you are doing for them on their day, make sure to do with your heart. In this article, we will help you to celebrate national dog day. Let’s start with the different ways to celebrate national dog day.

1. Go to your local shelter

May you don’t own any dog and thinking about how you can celebrate dog day without this four-leg companion. In this case, you can simply go to your local shelter as you can share the joy by volunteering at a local shelter. Dogs love to spend most of their time out of their shelters, so you can take a few dogs for a walk. But many people don’t have enough time to go for a walk, so these people can simply take a basket of toys to a nearby shelter or dog rescue. Dogs love to have new toys, and it provides so much joy to them.

2. Take your dog out for a pappuccino

You can take your dog to ice cream places or coffee shops as these are have some special treats for the dogs. Most of these threats involve the ingredients like whole whipped cream and peanut butter. It’s much fun to see the dogs enjoying these treats.

3. Donate to a dog shelter or charity

As a dog lover, you can donate to a dog shelter or charity on national dog day. You can write a check or buy some pet products to gift the dog shelters.

4. Sign up for DOGTV

It’s a specially made television network made for canine TV watchers. You can see many dog-friendly programs with advice for dog-loving humans. It has everything your household needs. Their importance increases if your dog has separation anxiety as they provide calming comfort to dogs at home alone.

5. Adopt a dog

If you don’t have a dog but have the plan to adopt it, you can go to your nearby shelters. You can also adopt a dog on their National day if you are looking to expand the pack. Some of the favorite shelters include the Muddy Paws Rescue, Vanderpump Dogs, North Shore Animal League, Southampton Animal Shelters, and Angel City Pitbulls.

6. Watch the dog-friendly content on Reddit

Reddit is one of the best dog-friendly places. You can spend your time on Reddit to read some quality dog-friendly content on their National day. You can explore the different dog pictures and stories on this forum.

7. Buy a special harness for your dog

It’s another best way to show love to the dogs on their National day. You can buy a first-ever interchangeable apparel harness for your canine member. You can also go for jean jackets, raincoats, and hooded sweatshirts. These are some of the endless fashionable options for your dog.

8. Visit a dog park

Visit a dog park where your dog can run wild. It provides great joy to your dog. Your dog will love to spend some quality time in the dog parks. You can also invite your friends with the dog to meet up.

9. Challenge your dog with a puzzle 

Dogs love to spend time-solving puzzle toys with their brains and paws. It’s not good for the dog’s brain. It also keeps your dog busy while you are away from home. Maybe your dog takes some time to learn and handle this.

10. Snap some funny selfies

You can snap some funny selfies with your dog by throwing a silly hat or bowtie on your doggo. If your dog does not love to put hat or bowtie, you can add some stickers, speech bubbles, and mustaches before putting these pictures on social media.

11. Teach your dog a new trick

Old and young dogs can learn the new tricks, so you can take this opportunity and teach your dog a new trick. You can simply see some online tutorials on how to train your dog to wave or take a bow.

12. Give a pupcake to your dog

Pupcakes are pastries with canine-friendly ingredients that are specially made for dogs. You can make your own at home or visit the dog bakers to buy. The great ingredients include carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, banana, plain oats, baby food, or rice. To make it more delicious, many bakeries also allow you to send your pictures to airbrush it on the cake.

13. Wrap your dog in an old, sweaty t-shirt

Humans don’t appreciate being gifted a stinky old t-shirt, but for the dogs, it’s a gold star. They love to snuggle up in the pile of your dirty laundry. You can give them an item that you don’t need and put it in your dog bed.

14. Give them a full spa treatment

You can give the full spa treatment to your dog at their local dog grooming salon. You can groom your dog with the great smelling shampoos and conditioner to make your dog look clean and feel relaxed and comfortable. Many people also love to paint their toenails.

15. Give massage to your dog

You may feel good to rub down your pup after a long day, but did you know your pup loves it too. Giving them a gentle massage is a good way to show love to your dog. You can also take them to the professional groomers. But whenever you leave to the professional groomer, make sure they are in good hands.

16. Go for a swim

Dogs love to have a good splash in a pool, ocean, lake, or even a mud puddle. You can take your dog to their favorite water hole on National dog day. They like to get wet and dirty. Many pools also offer special dog swimming at the end of the summer.

17. Help out your nearby dog owner

May you don’t have a dog and thinking about how you can celebrate a national dog day. In this case, you can help your nearby dog owner. You can also extend the assistance by offering to take their dog for a walk or even on a mini-park trip.

18. Brush your dog

Although this should be your regular routine as it also improves your bonding with your dog. But on their national day, you can take some special care of your dog. You can properly brush their coat and teeth so that they feel comfortable.

19. Feed them a home-cooked meal

Although homemade dog foods are not recommended for the dogs that are eating the regular bag food mixes, but sometimes this can be a nice change of pace to treat your dog to something fresh and home-cooked. You can provide them a boiled chicken or white rice, which are usually the favorite options among the dogs. You can also find some delicious recipes online, which incorporate pumpkin and even yogurt.

20. Take your do for a toga class

You can also take your dog to the yoga classes, which are called “doga classes”. These are similar to the goat yoga sessions, which incorporate your pet into all of the poses. You will see it’s not just a downward-facing dog exercise.

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