What to do when the dogs are Tied? | Signs of Dogs Mating

You may be unfamiliar with the dogs tied if you have never seen two dogs mating before. Even many people are asking why the dogs get stuck. They are very worried when they see two dogs get tied. But these people need to know that it's a normal part of dogs mating. Maybe you are thinking of separating the dogs, but it's actually causing more harm than good. Let's know more about the dogs mating.

Why mating dogs become tied?

When the male is mating with the female, their lenis will become congested with blood and swell. Their bulbourethral gland becomes swollen up to three times its normal size. When it's swollen up, the female's vulva will contract around and squeeze the male's genitalia tightly, which keeps the dog locked in place. Sometimes the males move one of their legs over and swing the body around during the process. This tied can't over until the male discharged his semen and the swelling dissipates. This entire process can take anywhere between 5 to 40 minutes.

Should we separate the two dogs that are tied?

No, don't try to separate the two dogs, which are stuck during mating, as it's more harmful to them rather than good. It can cause physical damage to the female vulva and the male's genitalia. Maybe you wanted to separate them as you don't want the female pregnancy, or you think that the female is in pain. Sometimes it's very normal to hear that the female is crying during this process. But you need to understand that disruption can hurt her far worse.

What to do when dogs are tied?

Make sure to remain calm and wait when your dog gets tied during mating. They will not separate from each other until the male ejected his sperm into the vulva. Many people try to throw cold water or make louder noises; they need to understand that these can cause more stress and anxiety for both of them. You can simply hold them gently and keep them from separating until they are ready. Usually, the females are more discomfort during all this process. So keeping her relaxed and still is the safest thing you can do in all this process.

How to prevent the dogs from mating?

If you have males and females in your home, you need to have a plan to prevent them from mating. Many people think that having female diapers can prevent mating, but it's observed that this is not the more useful technique. You can follow the below points to keep your dogs from mating.

·  You can keep the dogs entirely separate using the kennels, baby gates, crates, and other barriers. Although this is not a good way to keep the male calm as he can sense the female's scent throughout the home.

·  You can also board the male or female during the estrus. The male boarding is the best choice as the females are already uncomfortable during this period.

·  You can also spay or neuter the male or female or even both dogs. It's also the best thing to reduce the agitation the male feels around any female in heat in the future.

Allowing the dogs to mate

If you want your dogs to become tied during the mating, you don't need to do much. This will easily happen when the female reached the point in her heat cycle. If you really wanted the dog's breeding, make sure to contact your local kennel club to get advice and education on mating to become a responsible breeder. You need to know that how to use the dogs properly during and after the mating. You also need to know about their carrying after the delivery of the newborn.

Caring of Dogs during Copulatory Tie

Copulatory Tier may be a new thing for many new breeders, but the experienced breeders know that it's a normal part of the mating process. The best you can do is to keep the female calm and comfortable during the mating. Don't do anything to separate the dogs as it's more harmful to them rather than good. This can lead them to serious damage and prevent them from breeding in the future. If you are a new breeder, you can seek guidance from experienced breeders on how to care for the dogs during the Copulatory Tie.

Signs of mating in dogs

There are different signs, which can enable you to know if the mating has occurred. You can observe the following signs within the short period of the mating to know that if the mating has occurred. But unfortunately, if you return to your dog after hours later, it's difficult to observe anything. You can observe the below signs to know that if your dog gets pregnant.

·         Wooing Evidence

·         Mating Smell

·         Dog's Genitalia

·         Rolling Behavior

·         Males become much calmer

·         Your female becomes pregnant

Does dog size play a role in mating?

It's usually thought that dogs of different sizes can't mate. Yes, it's difficult for mating to take place in two different-sized dogs, but it can still happen. The different sizes of the dogs don't matter a lot. As long as the bitch is ready to accommodate the dog, the mating can happen without the actual tie.

Is there discharge after mating?

You can't notice any discharge from the male and female other than the female bleeding until her heat cycle over. You can notice the discharge after two to three weeks of mating if the female becomes pregnant.

Can one puppy get another pregnant?

Many new breeders are often unaware of how young dogs can be cross successfully. Actually, they are comparing the puppy with the human child's. Actually, in the case of dogs, a puppy can get pregnant at the age of five months.

How to tell if your dog has mated?

You need to fully supervise your dog at all the time to know if your dog has mated. If you don't want your dog to be mated, you can board your dog during the female heat cycle. But still, make sure to 100% supervise your female so that she doesn't get pregnant by any other dog.

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