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Finding a reputable breeder is always a challenge, and when we talk about small dog breeds, it’s become more challenging. Today, many dog breeders are offering small dog breeds. But most of the irresponsible breeders use bad methods to get the small dog breeds. These irresponsible breeders are responsible for different health issues in small dog breeds. So, picking the right dog breeder to buy a small dog is essential.

There are several factors, which you need to consider while choosing the right breeder to buy a puppy. The reputable breeders always provide health guarantees, health clearance, written bill of the sale, return of puppy guarantee, vaccinations, and they are willing to answer all the questions related to their puppy. We have gone through hundreds of small dog breeders and listed some of the best small dog breeders for you. Let’s start the list to see the best small dog breeders in the USA with a history of responsible breeding.

1. Keen Pomeranians

Keen Pomeranians have 20 years of experience in producing great temperament, color, and different coat Pomeranians. Pomeranians are great small dogs, which can easily adjust in small places. They carefully select their crossing adults to get the wide color range. Their exotic colors include white, black, parti, merle parti, chocolate and tan, black and tan, tri-colored, and tri-colored merle. They are very famous for producing beautiful faces, plush coats, and personalities of Pomeranians. Keen Pomeranians believe in training and socializing their puppies from an early age.

Location: Alabama, USA

2. White River Bichons

The white river bichon breeders are located in central Arkansas. They are pridefully producing the best show-quality bichons. They are known for feeding the best quality non-grain food to their puppies. All their bloodline series is registered with the AKC. They sell all their puppies on AKC registration for pet purposes. You can simply call or email the white river bichons to own a puppy. You will get the puppy on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Location: Central Arkansas, USA


3. Snow White Bolognese

Snow White Bolognese are focusing on producing good hypoallergenic, non-shedding, small, and loyal companions for the families. They believe in providing healthy, intelligent, trainable, and loyal Bolognese. You will also get a one-week supply of high-quality food, with a written health guarantee. You need to deposit $600 to reserve your puppy from the snow-white Bolognese. They are the small home-based Bolognese breeders; you can expect a well home-trained dog from them.

Location: Michigan, USA


4. Precious Paws Brussels Griffons

Brussels Griffons are very intelligent and cheerful dogs, which are a great addition to any family. The Precious Paws Brussels Griffons are known for producing great quality Brussels Griffons. You will get a registered and health guaranteed dog from them. They believe in raising all their puppies with love. Precious Paws are specialized in producing the wonderful, funny Brussels Griffons.

Location: Central Coast in Arroyo Grande, USA


5. Always Maltese

Always Maltese are the specialized dedicated Maltese breeders, which are providing the AKC registered Maltese puppies. You will get an absolutely adorable Maltese puppy from them. All their puppies come from the excellent bloodline, which can own as a show dog or pet. They believe in producing quality puppies by selective breeding. These are the small home-based breeders, which can provide you a perfect family-trained Maltese puppy. You can expect a healthy, happy puppy from the Always Maltese, which is raised in a clean, loving home environment.

Location: Alabama, USA


6. Miracle Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu dogs are known for their loving, loyal personalities and their friendly, outgoing temperament. Their outstanding ability can melt any dog lovers’ heart. Miracle Shih Tzu is owned by the “Janie Jones”, located in NE Ohio. They believe in providing quality Shih Tzu to their customers and believe in not producing the puppies in bulk. Their main priority is quality. They are producing the Shih Tzu puppies for the past 8 years. Janie Jones believes in preparing all their puppies in her care for their new homes.

Location:  NE Ohio, USA

Contact: 234-380-5363

7. Jewels Chinese Crested

Jewels Chinese crested are the Chinese crested breeders belong to Connecticut, USA. They believe in producing the extremely loving Chinese crested in any color or combination of colors. It’s owned by Jon and Julie, who were married in 1985 and purchased their first show dog in 1989. But they own their first Chinese crested after 1991 when they saw this breed in an AKC show. Currently, they are known for breeding 60 Chinese crested champions, including the specialty winners.

Location: Connecticut, USA


8. Saracen Irish Water Spaniels

Saracen Irish water spaniels have their hobby and passion for producing the Irish water Spaniels. Their puppies are enthusiastic and biddable with happy personalities. They have more than 30 years of experience in producing the Irish Water Spaniels. Their dogs appear in all venues of competition, including the field, hunting, obedience, rally obedience, tracking, agility, and conformation. All of their individuals are especially family companions and hunting companions. As a breeder, they believe in providing sound, healthy, and sweet-tempered dogs to their customers.

Location: Wisconsin, USA

9. SLokavi Beagles

Lokavi beagles are breeding beagles since 1965 and 1970. They are the supporting member of the National Beagle Club of America and AKC Breeder of Merit. They believe in producing high-quality puppies, which are suited for the AKC conformation events and shows. Lakavi Beagles ensure that their puppies are tested for heart diseases, thyroid, hip dysplasia, patella, and eye conditions. Their puppies were particularly raised in the breeder’s home to ensure that they are perfectly socialized and ready to adjust in any family.

Location: Florida, USA


10. R’Gang Havanese

R’Gang Havanese believes in providing high-quality puppies to families living in Mesa, Arizona. Their best healthy and happy puppies are raised in excellent care. They give generous amounts of attention to their puppies to make them good socialize dogs. The owner of the R’Gang Havanese takes care of their puppies himself. They are the proud members of the Havanese Club of America and Havanese Club of Southern Arizona.

Location: Arizona, USA


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