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There are different factors, which play an important role in selecting a good family dog. These factors mainly include the dog size, energy level, and family lifestyle. These are the three most important factors to be considered whether a dog is purebred or not. It's observed that the calmer dogs usually make stronger bonds in the families and great companions of the kids. Most of the families prefer the smaller dog breeds as they perfectly fit in the families. But only the size can't decide the perfection of a dog breed for your family; you need to concentrate on their temperament and energy level as well. You also need to be realistic about the lifestyle you can provide to your family dog. Many dog breeds need more exercise as compared to the other dog breeds.

When you are choosing a dog breed for your family, make sure to meet and greet several times before bringing your dog home. It's the best way to see that how an individual dog responds to other people. You need to observe the dog's body language before bringing them home. Try to observe that how willing the dog is to play and share time with your family members. This article has made it a little easier for you to choose the best family dog. We have listed the 10 best family dog breeds.

1. Mixed dog breed

Maybe your family is not considering a mixed dog breed for various reasons, but these dogs have both parents' best traits. Actually, you are saving the lives of two dog breeds by adopting a mixed dog breed. But make sure to know about the dog's ins and outs before bringing them home. Usually, the workers know about them very well as they spend their days caring for these dogs. But you can only get an exact estimate of the mixed dog breed size when they reach their adult age.

2. Golden Retriever

It's one of the best dog breeds for families with confident, smart, kind, and loyal nature. They are extremely patient and can easily adjust to any family environment. They love to play and need a lot of exercise daily to stay active and fit. Golden Retriever dogs fall in love with the kids very quickly. But you need to make sure a proper care of their coat to maintain their look. At least twice a week, brushing is enough to prevent their hairs from tangling.

3. Labrador Retriever

It's one of the most popular dog breeds due to their beauty and loving nature. Labrador Retrievers are very playful, patient, protective, and reliable. Labrador Retriever dogs are very intelligent and can pick things very quickly. So, if you are owning a Labrador, make sure you have enough room around for their playing and running. You can choose one from the black, chocolate, and yellow labs. Their stamina, strength, and obedience don't depend upon their colors. They are also very good against the other animals, pets. You need to weekly brush their hair to keep them healthy and clean.

4. Poodle

It's another gentle and smart dog breed on the list, which is also known for its gentle haircuts. Poodle dog breed appears regularly in dog shows due to its unique haircuts, pride, and elegance. You can find them in three different sizes, including the Standard, Miniature, and Toy sizes. They shed very little and great for families having allergic members. No matter whichever size of the Poodles you are going to own, you need to properly schedule their grooming to keep them in a stunning look.

5. Irish Hound

Irish Hound is very playful, energetic, loving, and known for its red coat. They love their families and play well with the children. The Irish Hound hates to be alone and at their best behavior when surrounded by their family members. They have a high energy level and can spend maximum time playing with the kids. If you have a yard, this is going to be an ideal breed for your family. You need to regularly groom your Irish Hound as they have a longer coat.

6. Vizsla

This is another good dog for families having active members and kids. They are very loyal and affectionate, which makes them attractive dogs for many families. Many people love their obedience, confidence, and smartness. They can quickly make strong bonds with their families and learn things easily. Vizsla's have a short coat and don't require too much grooming as compared to many other breeds on the list.

7. Newfoundland

If you are talking about intelligent dog breeds, this is going to be at the top of the list. They love the children's in the families and very protective of them. Newfoundland's are very gentle, patient, and kind. Your family members will quickly fall in love with this large, wonderful, and sweet dog. Don't leave them alone to live outdoors in the yard. Make sure the regular grooming of your long-haired Newfoundland dog. They are a very good swimmer and known for saving the lives of people in emergency situations.

8. Bull Terrier

Many people think that Bull Terriers are very aggressive dogs, but these are actually bred to be companion dogs. They are very friendly and loving towards the adults and kids. Make sure to keep special care when your Bull Terrier is around the other animal and small dogs. You can try to keep your Bull Terrier mind active to prevent them from any problem. It's very easy to care for the Bull Terriers due to their short and flat coat.

9. Beagle

Beagle is small size cute dog and almost part of every dog list. Their calm temperament makes them a special choice for the families. Originally, they were kept as hunting dogs as they love to play games. They love to explore the outside and new places due to their good smelling abilities. Beagles are very smart, friendly, and happy, and they love to get along with the other pets. You need to provide them frequent brushing and bathing as they do shed.

10. Bulldog

Bulldog is going to be your go-to breed for the families due to their devotion and affection for the families. Although they are not too energetic dog dogs, but good for the kids. It's a decile, friendly, and loyal dog, which can fit in any family. They can comfortably live in large houses and small apartments. Many bulldog individuals are also very comfortable with the outside visitors. But you need a little extra care about the teeth cleaning, wheezing, and snoring of the bulldogs. You need to properly clean the folds around their face to prevent dirt buildup.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the list. Now, it's time to choose the best dog from the list for your families.

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