In 1877, the very first dog show was held by the Westminster Kennel Club. After that, it’s become the second most held supporting event in the USA. Dog shows help people to understand the unique personality and traits of the dog. But the demand for certain dog breeds increases with time, which encourages some irresponsible breeders to start dog breeding.

Many good breeders are ethical, thoughtful about their role, and passionate about the betterment of their breed. The good and the passionate breeders always try to put effort into their breeding program, training, and raising of their furry friends. In this article, we are going to list some of the best passionate dog breeders in the USA. All these breeders are specialized in some of the popular dog breeds.

1. A Promise Kennels

The Promise Kennels are specialized in producing the Golden Retrievers and are known for their more than 30 years of experience. They take ethics and responsibility seriously and believe in improving the form and function of the different dog breeds. They also believe in finding potential families for their furry friends. All of their dogs have their hips, elbows, eyes, and heart clearance. 

Some of their individuals are also AKC champions, including the AKC Grand Champion.

Location: Fresno, California


2. Wildrose Kennels

The Wildrose Kennels are specialized in producing the British Labradors, Irish Labradors, and Gundogs. They have a beautiful setting for their dogs, which includes the 66 kennels, numerous fields, and creeks for dogs to explore. 

The owner of the Wildrose Kennel is the “Michael Stewart”, offering up 365 dogs featuring in-demand.

Location: Oxford, Mississippi 38655


3. Tru-Luv Cockers

Tru Luv Cockers are passionate dog breeders, which have the hobby of working with the American Cocker Spaniels. They are specialized in producing the Black and Buff Cockers and are based in North California. They believe in producing healthy, happy Cocker Spaniels, which proves as perfect family pets. 

You can feel free to contact Patricia Elkins, the owner of the Tru Luv Cockers, to get a perfect family pet. 

Location: North, California 


4. Blackberry Farm

The Blackberry farm consists of 4,200-acres located in the smoky mountains. Their puppies are bred from the two distinct Italian bloodlines and available for sale three times a year. Originally their puppies are used for waterfowl, but today their popularity is used as truffle hunters and as guard dogs. Their obedient Italian breed is known for its sense of smell and thick hairy coat. They can spend hours in the water in any condition. 

Most of their puppies are personally trained by Jim Sanford, but you need to wait for at least two years to own a puppy from them.

Location: Walland, Tennessee 37886

Contact: (865) 984-8166

5. Exact Classic Bulldogs

The exact Classic is a Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame Breeder. There are more than 40 champions under their belts. They use the European bloodlines and seeks to produce healthy bulldogs that conform to the AKC standards. They only sell their puppies to responsible families to ensure the carrying of their puppies. 

They don’t sell their puppies to fraternity houses, puppy mills, wholesale agencies, and pet stores.

Location: Auburn, Indiana


6. Doodles for Colorado 

Doodles for Colorado have been raising quality Goldendoodle puppies in the foothills of Colorado since 2006. They strive to produce puppies that are physically and genetically excellent as well as mellow and sweet in their personalities.

Their puppies are raised as part of our family with a lot of love and attention and are nurtured in a safe environment.

They grow up with plenty of sunshine and lots and lots of visitors. They also learned over the last few weeks how to use a dog door and get very competent at using it. They also crate train the puppies for 1 week prior to going to their new homes. This makes the transition to their new homes much easier. They also try to expose them to animals, sounds, smells, different surfaces to walk on, and people of all sizes. 

Location: Erie, Colorado


7. Mistry Great Pyrenees

These AKC breeders are specialized in producing the Great Pyrenees. These are the massive guard dogs that are historically used for protecting livestock, including sheep and goats. But despite their big size, these are gorgeous dogs and child-friendly. 

Their beautiful dogs are also notable for their long white hair, which makes them look like little bears.

Location: Ramona, California


8. Windrift Keeshonden

Windrift Keeshonden breeders are known for awarding the Non-sporting Group breeders of the year in 2010 by the American Kennel Club. They have five different areas, including the exercise yard and puppy play area. 

They are specialized in producing the Keeshonden

These are medium-sized dogs having thick coats and playful temperaments. They love the kids and can be made the perfect family dogs.

Location: Santa Rosa, California


9. Duckhill Kennels

Robert Milner is the owner of the Duckhill Kennels, specialized in breeding the British Labrador retrievers with more than 30 years of experience. Their dogs are specialized in the cooperative, and gentle, duck hunting. 

They selectively bred their dogs for a calm, pleasant disposition, intelligence, and game-finding imitative. 

They are equally good for the house as well as all their puppies are trained until the age of four months.

Location: Somerville, Tennessee


10. Bearabella Golden Retrievers

These breeders are specialized in breeding the healthiest and best-tempered Golden Retrievers. They are located outside Atlanta and only produce few litters each year. Their puppies participate in the American Kennel Club Bred with Heart program. 

Some of their individuals also become Grand Champions in both the USA and Canada.

Location: Sharpsburg, GA

11. Desert Skies Kennel

Desert Skies Kennel is home to champion Wire-Fox Terriers, which is a breed that won the Westminster Dog Show 45 times. They are breeding this American Kennel Club champion since 2003. The Wire-Fox Terriers are known for their energy, friendliness, and intelligence. But you need to groom them regularly to make them excellent companions. The puppies sleep in the room with new mothers for the first ten days before moving outdoors.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona


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