It's one of the main questions for anybody who is planning to be a dog breeder. The intercourse between the male and female dog often becomes scary when the two appear to get stuck to each other. Mating is a very important and crucial activity in every dog's life. Sometimes most people, even the breeders, are surprised by the way the dog's mate. There is not any defined time duration for this awkward position of the dogs during mating.

But don't worry, as it's not as threatening for the dogs as its looks. It's a natural and common thing, which happened whenever both dogs turn their rear end on each other. It's not the thing you need to worry about, as it's just a stage in the breeding process. So, you don't need to do anything while the dogs are stuck during mating. Let's know this phenomenon in detail to see why the dogs get stuck during mating.

Why do dogs get stuck during mating?

The dogs get stuck during mating due to the copulatory tie, which is one of the main stages in the process of intercourse. The male's organ, "Bulbus Glandis," is responsible for keeping them tied with the females. It basically keeps the semen secured inside the female dog, which is the breeding tie of the dogs. The bulbous glands expand and are locked in the uterus, which is responsible for the higher chances of the females getting puppies. 

The tie is very common in all dog breeds, but it's not a strict requirement for pregnancy.

How long do dogs get stuck when breeding?

The time of dogs stuck during the crossing can vary butt to butt between 5 to 15 minutes. However, depending upon some factors, this tie can be as long as half an hour. This time can vary largely depending upon the breed and dog individuals. The calmer dogs usually get out of this stuck early as compared to the panicked dogs whose locking position lasts longer.

The breeders need to be sure that the dogs are not interrupted during the mating position. 

Even your dogs are stuck for a long fairy time, don't disturb them and organize to watch them over. The interruption in the dog's mating is highly prohibited. In most cases, this stuck won't last for more than 20 minutes. It mainly depends upon how much time the dogs take to ejaculate their sperm into the female dog. The dogs will stay in this position until the bulbous glands get back to their original size.

Stages of a Tie

There are different stages of a tie-in dog, which breeders need to be aware of to prevent any kind of unnecessary anxiety.  The stuck actually happens right after the ejaculation. The situation lasts for 10 to 15 minutes in most of the dogs, after the deposition of the sperms in the female dog. 

Make sure there is not any interruption during the tie and throughout the entire intercourse. 

Let's see the different stages of a Tie.

1. Mounting

The first stage of a dog's tie is the mounting built by the female by showing her rear end. This implies that the female is ready; after getting this signal, the male dog prepares to mount the female one.

2. Penetrating

The second stage is penetrating, which involves locating and identifying the vulva of the female dog. This stage may require assistance and help from the breeder, especially the male needs help who is matting for the first time.

3. Ejaculating

After locating the vulva, ejaculation takes place. In this step, the male dog ejects the prostatic fluid along with his own sperm.

Copulatory Tie Pain

The copulatory tie is often painful depending upon some factors. For example, if a male dog is crossing for the first, the process is very painful for him. Sometimes the dogs are confused about which position suits them perfectly, depending upon their lack of experience. So, this stress and confusion also lead them to some kind of pain for both of them. Sometimes it's also known as slip mating, which the breeders need to be aware of.

Slip Mating

It's a condition when the coitus doesn't happen due to the male dog penis withdrawing even before the bulbous gland enlarges. It happens when the female counterpart is not completely ready for intercourse. At last, make sure to comfort your dog as much as possible to ensure successful and comfortable mating.

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