Why Dogs Bark at Night? | 11 Reasons of Their Barking at Night

Many people ask why dogs bark at night? It's observed that younger dogs bark throughout the night. Sometimes you walk through any neighborhood at night and hear the barking of dogs. It seems that dog's barking is a part of life. Many people curious about knowing the cause of too much barking of dogs at night. Sometimes there is a problem with the dog's room, where they are sleeping at night.

But there can be a combination of many other causes of your dog barking at night. The truth is that there is not anyone who answers to why dogs bark at night. However, there are some things, which can be more common in your dog's barking. In this article, we will see some main causes that can be responsible for the dogs barking at night. Let's get started.

1. Boredom

Dogs need daily exercise; when they are not getting daily exercise, you can observe their behavioral changes. This can be a part of the reason why your dark is barking at night. It can be a definite cause if your dog is barking a lot at night. So, make sure your dog is getting enough amount of exercise daily depending upon size, breed, and activity level.

2. Hunger

It's another main cause of most of the dogs barking at night. Maybe your dog is not eating enough at a time or waiting too long between the meals. If you are currently feeding your dog in the morning only, try to add some amount of their food in the evening as well.

3. Diet problem

Your dog can also have issues with the diet. Maybe you are serving it a diet, which is not fulfilling his nutrients needs. Make sure to give an appropriate diet to your dog and try the things that your dog likes the most.

4. Pain

Your dog may be barking at night due to some pain. There are more chances that your dog is facing pain if it's showing some pain signs such as limping and if it's started doing it suddenly. Suppose this is the case, then try to take your dog for a veterinarian checkup.

5. Encouraging the behavior

May you encourage your dog to bark at night with some action, like you are giving it the thing it wants when it does it. If your dog is barking without any reason and you are giving it attention, it will be likely that your dog bark again to get some attention. To avoid this behavior, try to give it attention in the morning when it's not barking instead of at night.

6. Separation Anxiety

Maybe your dog is facing separation anxiety. Many dogs get anxious when left alone. This would be more likely if your dog is sleeping in a different room and start barking as he wanted to sleep with you. Sometimes dogs start barking when you leave their room. So, try to train them properly at an early age to minimize these types of issues.

7. Noises

Sometimes dogs hear unpleasant noises at night. It would be more likely if your dog starts barking on certain nights or when it is in a certain room where the noises are more prominent.

8. Bad sleeping environment

The sleeping environment also plays an important role in your dog's barking habit. Maybe the environment is too hot, too loud, too bright, or too noisy for your dog. Sometimes people use small narrow crates for their dogs, which are not comfortable for them. Make sure your dog can easily lay down in the crate and comfortably spend the night.

9. Your dog may need to pee at night

It's another important cause of any dogs barking at night. Most of the dogs need to pee during the night and start barking. This is more likely if your dog is a puppy—the chances of this issue increase when your dog does not get to pee in the evening.

10. Change in dog's routine at night

Usually, dogs like to follow their night routine regularly. Sometimes dogs don't understand what is going on and start barking. Maybe your dog is struggling to adopt the new routine. If this is the case, try to wait so that your dog can adjust to the new routine. Make sure to don't reward it when it's bark without reason.

11. Age

Age is another big factor, which badly affects their joints. When the dogs are getting older, their joints become painful, which might be causing them to bark. This would be more likely if your dog is showing the signs during the day and night. Make sure to consult with your veterinarian to get them relief from the joint pain.

12. What difference when your dog bark?

It's also important to notice the difference between when your dog is barking and when it's not barking. For example, maybe your dog is not barking on certain nights when it's eaten a certain food. But start barking when it's not getting this food. 

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