Shih Tzu is a small lover dog breed, which means a little lion. They are the perfect loving, affectionate, happy, and outgoing dogs who love to follow their owners from room to room. This special breed is comfortable to sit in the people's laps from ancient times. But today, people are training them for dog sports, obedience, rally, and agility competitions. These great dogs get along with other animals and even with the children. So, if you are looking for a small dog that can adopt the apartment living, join you on the couch for cuddles, and shower you with unconditional love, Shih Tzu can be the best choice for you.

We recommend the Shih Tzu as your traveling companion. But make sure to provide them a group of good-natured toys that are highly adaptable for them. They are well suited for apartment life with children. However, the adults should keep an eye on their children and Shih Tzu as their small size puts them at a little disadvantage. Sometimes the Shih Tzu is also recognized as a Chrysanthemum dog, which is their nickname given to them due to their hair on the face. They look like a flower due to face hairs in all directions with a nose at the center. Let's know about the Shih Tzus.


Many recent studies about dogs reveal that the Shih Tzu is one of the 14 oldest dog breeds. Their bones found in china prove that the dogs were present there as early as 8,000 B.C. It's believed that the Shih Tzu was developed in China by crossing the Lhasa Apso or Pekingnese. In the 13th century, Marco Polo reported that the Mongolian Emperor Kubla Khan kept small lion dogs. Many researchers believe that these dogs were Shih Tzu. From 1368 to 1644, the Chinese royal families kept the Shih Tzu-type dogs mentioned in several documents during that period. However, there are not many documents that mention it, but most of the pieces from that period depict the small, shaggy, and happy dogs.

In 1908, many royal families competed to produce dogs of the finest coats and colors. But the breeding practices were kept secret due to completion. The first female and male Shih Tzu was brought to England in 1928 from Peking by Lady Brownrigg. She was the wife of the quartermaster general of the north China command. After that, Mrs. Hutchins brought the Shih Tzu from China to Ireland in 1933, and these three dogs become the foundation of Lady Brownrigg's Kennel. Maureen Murdock and Philip Price are known for importing the breeding the first Shih Tzu in the United States. After that, there were three Shih Tzu clubs in the United States known as "the American Shih Tzu Association in Florida," "the Texas Shih Tzu Society," and "the Shih Tzu Club of America. In 1963, the Texas Shih Tzu Society and Shih Tzu club of American merged to form a new club named American Shih Tzu Club. In 1969, the American Kennel Club recognized this breed as a member of the Toy Group.


Shih Tzu males and females normally have the same size as compared to many other dog breeds. Both Shih Tzu sexes are 20 to 28cm in height with 4 to 7.2 kg weight.


All the dog breeds have some purpose in their breeding. Historically, the Shih Tzu was bred as a companion dog. Naturally, they love to be with you, so don't expect them to hunt, guard, or retrieve. 

They are very affectionate, and your lap is the perfect destination for them. Shih Tzus love to receive attention from all the family members. 

But it's doesn't mean that they are totally couch potatoes; they are alert and can bark at newcomers to their home. But, don't worry as they can develop a friendly relation with your guests in minutes.


They are generally healthy but can have some health issues like other dog breeds. 

Shih Tzus are prone to certain conditions, including Allergies, Canine hip dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Juvenile renal dysplasia, Bladder stones, Eye problems, Ear infection, Retained baby teeth, Umbilical hernias, Portosystemic liver shunt, Snuffles, and Reverse Sneezing.

The remaining baby teeth are one of the unusual problems of the Shih Tzus as their baby teeth remain intact when the permanent teeth emerge.

In extreme cases, it's necessary for the veterinarian to extract the baby's teeth as they can lead them to miss or misaligned teeth. Make sure to brush your puppy teeth regularly to prevent bad breath and loose teeth. But the most common health issue of the Shih Tzus is the Umbilical Hernias, which is caused by the delayed closure of the abdominal midline. In extreme cases, the surgery becomes necessary, especially while the puppy is being spayed or neutered.


The Shih Tzus don't mind wherever they live, as long as you live with them. They can easily adjust in small apartments, large suburban, or country homes. Usually, they are considered as house dogs, but they also enjoy a bit of backyard play. It's not an extremely active dog breed, but the short daily walks are good for them. Like many other small dog breeds, they are sensitive to heat and love to stay in air-conditioned rooms, especially during hot days. Be careful if you have a Shih Tzu at home, as they are prone to injuries due to their small size. 

Hold them carefully as they can jump from your arms and laps. Early socialization is necessary to ensure that your dog grows up to be a well-rounded dog.


It's recommended to provide the ½ to 1 cup of high-quality food to your dog daily. But how much your dog needs, it depends upon its size, age, build, metabolism, and activity level. All the dogs are individual that can need a different amount of food daily. The quality of the food and activity level of your dog makes a big difference.

Coat Color and Grooming

The gorgeous long coat of the dogs come in many colors, including black, black and white, gray and white, and red and white. The white tip on their tail and white blaze on the forehead is very demanding, but make sure the daily brushing and combing prevent the tangles. Your Shih Tzus dog also needs grooming appointments every six to eight weeks. Moreover, trimmed your Shih Tzus nails monthly and checked their ears once a week for dirt.

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