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Are you looking for the best small dog breeds, which can easily adjust in your family? Keep reading the article as here's we will see the best small dog breeds in the world. We will discuss the small dog breeds, which have a mix of characteristics to provide the best variety of small dog breeds. Some of these dogs love to go outside, while some prefer to stay inside the family.

Their coat can be straight, wavy, and curly. Most of the small furry friends love to cuddle and sit on your lap. The right kind of small dog breeds for you depends on the personality, grooming, commitment, and activity level you are looking for. Here are the 10 best small dog breeds you can consider.

1. Maltese

Maltese are also known as "Roman Ladies Dog". It's one of the best dog breeds that comes into mind when we talk about small dog breeds with a soft, silky, and beautiful white coat. 
Maltese are known as lap dogs, but they also have a lot of energy and love to play. 
These fearless fellows love to hunt rats and get along with people of all ages. You can easily train this lovely toy dog breed for various tasks. They can have a long elegant coat, but most of the owners like their small coat, which is easy to maintain. Although they love the playtime, but an occasional playtime in the backyard is enough for Maltese.

2. Boston Terrier

Their name is associated with tier city of origin "Boston, Massachusetts". It's a traditional American dog, known for its white and dark color combination with large sparkling eyes. Despite their small size, they are alert and high-energy dogs and love to stay around their families at home. Mostly the Boston Terriers are loyal to only one family member but polite with all the family members. Sometimes their flat and narrow nostrils are responsible for their snoring. Their shorthaired coat only needs occasional brushing. But make sure to regularly clean their nose wrinkles to keep them clean. Only a little walk or playing with the family at home is enough to keep them in good shape.

3. Dachshund

Sometimes they are also known as "Wiener dogs," inspiring by the hotdogs. Dachshund comes in miniature and standard sizes with multiple colors. They are extremely confident dogs and don't have any math with their self-confidence and courage. Dachshund is famous among people due to its passion for pet parents but sometimes shows its stubborn nature. Their short and smooth coat requires the least amount of grooming as compared to the other dachshund verities. But the longhaired verities need more frequent brushing as they are more prone to shedding. They are not strenuous exercises, so the several daily walks are ideal for your small Dachshund.

4. Shih Tzu

Their tiny face, long hairs, and bright eyes make them very attractive to families. Shish Tzus are packed with friendly nature, and best for the families having younger kids. They are naturally happy lapdogs, as their ancestors spend most of their time lounging in the Chinese royal palace. If you want to maintain their long silky coat, make sure to brush it daily and take special care of their front face hairs.  But if you don't have enough time, you can also keep the hairs short that don't require much grooming. A brief daily walk is enough to fulfill their exercise needs.

5. Pug

It's one of the most recognized small dog breeds of the world with wrinkled brows, glimmering eyes, and curly tail. Their affectionate and playful temperament makes them one of the best breeds for families—these universally favorite dog breeds are known for their loveable behavior with people and other pets. 
Pugs are prone to snoring and snorting due to their small nostrils and small faces. 
Although their short coat is shedding, but don't require much grooming. Make sure to pay special attention to their cute facial wrinkles, as they are prone to dust and dirt. Daily playtime or strolls are necessary to maintain their shape.

6. Pomeranian

It's another classic, and small dog breed on the list, especially the teacup Pomeranians. They are known for their fluffy coat, fox-like appearance, and eager grin. 
Pomeranians are ideal lap dogs, social with other dog breeds, and devoted to their owners.

Their cheerful and intelligent nature makes them perfect watchdogs. But they need a lot of care and regular grooming as they are constant shedders. Plenty of toys can be handy as they thrive with regular exercise. Pomeranians love running, playing, and sticking near the other pets at home. Their popularity increased when Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom came back to her home from Italy.

7. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are known for their small size, large personality, pointy ears, and cute round eyes. They are very loyal to their families, and most of the people have two chihuahuas in their family. Their popularity and demand increase with time due to their smart, loyal, brave, and loving nature. Most of the individuals are good with the other pets, but some dislike certain dog personalities. 

Their two hair verities are available, shorthaired and longhaired chihuahua. 

Short-hair dogs require less grooming as compared to a long-hair chihuahua. Short walks or playing around with their family is ideal for the chihuahua dogs. Despite their small size, they have one of the biggest brains as compared to other dog breeds.

8. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are also known as "Yorkie", and are famous for their tan and silky gray coat. They are true terriers with playful and fearless energy, which makes them very easy to train. This intelligent small dog breed is perfect for people who have other pets at home. They are superb watchdogs, follow their owners, and dislike living alone. Their long coat needs daily brushing with the proper trimming to stay in good condition. Many owners think that their coat doesn't require daily brushing after trimming, but it's necessary to keep them in good shape. 
The first therapy dog was a Yorkshire terrier named "Smoky".

9. Poodle

This curly coat beauty is often associated with the shows, but these muscular dogs are equally good as companion dogs. These are not exclusively included in the small dog category as their standard and miniature sizes are also available along with the toy size. Poodle is a clever small dog breed, which is highly intelligent and trainable. A miniature-sized poodle is more suitable for families who have young children's in the family. 
Their hypoallergenic coat makes one of the best small dog breeds for allergic families. 
But make sure their daily coat brushing along with nail checking and teeth brushing. They are highly energetic dogs, and love walks, runs, sports, and swimming.

10. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise's white and fluffy coat with an endearing smile wins many hearts. These friendly, affectionate, and cheerful breeds love to entertain their families. In the 19th and 20th centuries, they were used in the streets and circus to entertain the people. 
They love to interact with children, adults, other pets, and even strangers. 
Although the Bichon Frise hardly sheds, but make sure to carefully brush their coat daily. Clean their eyes daily to prevent tear stains and skin irritation. They need daily walks and playtime to burn their energy. 

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